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bi-colored siding on a louver system
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White siding on a house helps reflect heat in the summer. Dark colored siding absorbs sunlight, and helps heat in the winter. Why not set up a "louver" type system, which would rotate the louvers of siding to a different color, depending on whether you want to absorb, or reflect the heat of the sun? Better yet, have a chemical, or electrochemical reaction that would change the color of the siding without using mechanical actuation. Maybe roofing too?
BruceRH90, Mar 26 2006


       sorry, I just noticed there are other posts to this effect.
BruceRH90, Mar 26 2006

       I think there are also systems in production, similar if not the same. When I read this I had visions of sliding down the side of the glass pyramid at the Louvre.
wagster, Mar 26 2006


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