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Jungle Breeze

Looks like a plant
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Suspended from the high ceiling is a mostly spherical planter (the top is open or it'd be one lousy excuse for a planter). A series of various size rings, parallel to the ceiling, are supported by rods originating at the top of the planter. The rods intersect the rings to create a wireframe trellis that begins as a cylinder projecting upward briefly from the planter then out and down, rings increasing in diameter and rods bending outward then gracefully downward to create a three dimensional wireframe bell encapsulating the planter near the top of the bell.

From the planter grow verdant vines. Up, out and down, the vines lay lightly on the rings of the trellis. From these vines grow leaves. Unusual vines these, having leaves growing in opposing, symmetrical, matched pairs and trios attached by short stems along the vine.

So slightly unusual are the appearance and growth pattern of the vines, that one might not, but one would be wise to consider that the vines may be something other than they appear to be. One's suspicions would be confirmed when the wall switch closes the circuit and the duo and trio clusters of leaves begin to revolve around their host vines.

The gentle breeze and the faintest white noise confirm the claim of the sales brochure that this is indeed a most unique ceiling fan...the motor and transmission, cleverly disguised as a planter, drive the flexible driveshafts running through the vines, supported by the trellis' rings and spinning the fanning leaves. The second wall switch reveals that the lower half of the planter is the translucent home of the latest in low power consumption LED lighting.

Thank you for shopping half Depot's lighting department today.

half, Oct 14 2004


       Kitsch R Us
FarmerJohn, Oct 14 2004

       This would be absurdly expensive, I'd buy one if I had absurd amounts of cash.
wagster, Oct 14 2004

       Well thought through. Silly. Unique. [+]
DocBrown, Oct 14 2004

       I think it would be costly, noisy, expensive and tacky, but still kinda cool. It might go over well at a "Rainforest Cafe".   

       Even though I might consider making one if someone commissioned it, I'd never consent to dusting one of these.
half, Oct 14 2004


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