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More mobility

In all weathers
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IDEA : Redesign mobility scooters to be as weather-proof as motorcycles.

Prolonged web-searching failed to reveal any brand claiming such an all-weather design.

MARKET 1. Millions of potential users/buyers worldwide must have like me, nowhere to park a scooter except outdoors. [I use a cover but it's annoyingly inconvenient for several reasons].

2. Riding motorcycles in cold/wet weather is commonplace - even if not enjoyed. Why is it not possible on weather-proofed mobility scooters also? Many disabled people are otherwise fit enough for bad-weather ridimg in plastic gear.

3. Technical/commercial problems? None that I can think of. I rode and left out in all weathers scores of makes of motorcycles through 70 years and once only did their relatively more complex electrics fail.

Surely commercial apathy alone leads to an instruction book which tells me in small print as mine does, "Do not expose this machine to wet or freezing conditions".

rayfo, Sep 06 2001

A Weatherproof Mobility Scooter? http://www.discount...rs.com/usatote.html
The advertising certainly claims it is weatherproof. [Aristotle, Sep 06 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

whatsbruins link http://www.corbinmotors.com/sparrow.htm
I dunno [thumbwax, Sep 06 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

All Terrain Wheelchairs http://www.infinite...terrainvehicles.htm
If you're going to borrow money form the mafia, the seeker is what you should spend it on [tiromancer, Dec 26 2004]

"The Freedom Machine" http://www.islandserve.com/~tonya/
Apparently not on the market yet [tiromancer, Dec 26 2004]


       So what you want is a rugged mobility scooter that can take all kinds weather without conking out? I recommend you petition Harley Davison to build you an easy-rider, low gearing mobility chopper.   

       To waterproof yourself on such a scooter just do what the bikers do and wear lots of leathers.
Aristotle, Sep 06 2001

       Well spotted, [quarterbaker], I've corrected that spelling mistake.   

       Besides it new appears that waterproof mobility scooters do exist (see link).
Aristotle, Sep 06 2001

       Thanks Aristotle but the product referred to in the link is a trailer for towing a scooter, not a scooter itself.   

       It has a "weatherproof" lid - which says something about standard mobility scooters.   

       The claim I can't find would read "This machine may be left outside in freezing or wet weather because, like a road motor-scooter or motor-cycle it will come to little or no harm."   

       [It's got to have more than "weatherproof" paintwork or seat.]
rayfo, Sep 06 2001

       Enclosed, all-weather motorcycle-like vehicles do exist; they're like 3-wheeled, one-person cars powered by motorcycle engines. Have a look at the following URL for details:   

whatsbruin, Sep 06 2001

       [link] tag for sites, whatsbruin.
There are clear decals which protect paint and lights from weather, UV, and impact. Quite effective - just cut large pieces into appropriate size and shape. Will link when time allows - work beckons.
thumbwax, Sep 06 2001

       If it wasn't that the Sparrow is fifteen grand <For a one seater with, as far as I can tell, no cargo space at all> I'd love to have one...shame electric cars suck so badly, though.
StarChaser, Sep 08 2001

       only take my scooter out when the sum is shining - sorry that should be sun
po, Sep 08 2001

       A couple near my house use a pair of mobility scooters with clear flexible plastic awning arrangements, sort of like the arrangements seen on some golf carts. They might be homemade, though. I'll ask them next time I see them out and about.   

       Glad you're back onsite, rayfo.
Dog Ed, Sep 08 2001

       Lead-acid batteries very much dislike the cold. If one were winter-proofing a moby, some means of warming and insulating the traction pack would be required. Mind you, this will work against the moby in hot weather, where batteries can become overheated.   

       A big help towards all-weather operation would be a cast aluminum chassis with o-ring seals on all breaches of the chassis for mounting points, cable pass-throughs etc.   

       $ounds a little pricey, though.
weezil, Dec 26 2004

       I'd like to see the ideas submitted to this site on Sept. 10th and 11th., 2001.
mensmaximus, Dec 26 2004


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