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Morgan, P.I.

Pirate investigator
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A TV show featuring the adventures of Sir Henry Morgan, in the interval between him being a full time pirate and being appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Jamaica.

Based in a large, disreputable port city on a lush tropical island, in each episode, he investigates and solves Pirate crimes (crimes by pirates, or crimes against pirates - both sorts are featured) assisted by his loyal secretary Anne Bonney and his parrot, Hercule, who originates in the Belgian Congo. Hercule sits on Henry's shoulder and makes sardonic and apposite comments on the situations the pair find themselves in. He has a disconcerting talent for mimicry and very good auditory recall, functioning as a sort of animate dictaphone; unfortunately he also has a tendency to repeat exactly what he's heard in a loud voice at the most inappropriate moments, without prompting.

For good Pirate reasons, Henry wears a wooden leg, though this is a bit of an encumbrance in chases and fights as he still has two perfectly good normal legs. However, it does allow him to remove it and use it as an impromptu weapon when required.

He battles an assortment of unlikely 17th-century supervillains, and rescues pretty young girls from peril (often over their loudly-voiced objections). There are the predictable encounters with giant squid, hurricanes, sharks, treasure, the Bermuda Triangle, and - for reasons that are never made clear - a rogue Insurance Company building crewed by elderly dwarves.

8th of 7, Apr 28 2019


       My understanding is that these days, the Bermuda Triangle is usually shaved.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 28 2019

       It's a rum do
not_morrison_rm, Apr 29 2019

       Who wouldn't watch a pirate-themed mid-afternoon crime drama? I'd be tempted by one of those mundane house doo-er upper shows, only instead of Simon and Kath from Barnstable, looking to move somewhere a bit closer to her parents, it's Roger and Cap'n Shiver- me-boards who want to find a sloop with a bit more oomph in the gunnels.
zen_tom, Apr 30 2019

       You could have a whole Pirate TV channel; cookery, gameshows, news, weather ...   

       You should post that.
8th of 7, Apr 30 2019

       Arrr18? because pirates want to show of their Jolly Rogers.
wjt, May 01 2019

       I haven't seen that show, but do you also complain about lesbian porn being popular on the same basis?
notexactly, May 02 2019

       Morgan, JP
Morgan, LJ (the bigger budget follow up)
Morgan, FP (broader series about Morgan meeting up with his old school chums)
Morgan, KY
calum, May 02 2019


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