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Morning Star Shot

As opposed to, say, bird shot.
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Mini-morning star heads ( that is, a morning star flail without the handle and chain), fired out of a shotgun. Available in buckshot sizes or slug sizes. Can't think of a Geneva-convention-approved use for them, but then again... not all nations are signatories to all or parts of the Geneva Conventions.
21 Quest, May 04 2013


       I know what some of you will be asking me: do I really want to give such a weapon to the sort of nations who are most likely to use it? And my answer is this: I'm sorry... *give*? I wouldn't *give* these people the time of day. *Selling*, on the other hand... now that, my friends, is a question of a different color.
21 Quest, May 04 2013

       Thought the subtitle answered that... a handful of mini morning stars (sans handles), or a single large shooter marble-sized morning star head, packed into a shotgun shell. The result would essentially be spiky buckshot, or a spiky musketball.
21 Quest, May 04 2013

       Ah, gotcha. Post amended.
21 Quest, May 04 2013

       The ethics of bird shot have always bothered me. Those tiny avian creatures, genetically modified and bred for size and temperment, loaded into a small cartridge and condemned to lie in darkness until somebody pulls the trigger.
normzone, May 04 2013

       From the title I had pictured a repeating mace with cartridge/spikes.   

       // The ethics of bird shot have always bothered me//

       Oh, then you'd really be bothered by my steampunk catling gun...
21 Quest, May 04 2013

       There is already an existing 'novelty cartridge' which fires a pair of balls connected by a short length of braided wire. Just add spikes.
Alterother, May 05 2013

       Saw that demonstrated on FPS Russia. I believe it was called Bolo shot. My idea is basically that, minus the connecting wire, plus spikes. The connecting wire AND spikes, however... now that would be interesting.
21 Quest, May 05 2013

       And then there's a morning glory shot, which is altogether different.
RayfordSteele, May 05 2013


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