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Mosaic Mount Rushmore

Tile Mount Rushmore
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I have a friend in New York who has covered every surface inside her apartment with a variety of mosaic tiles.

Having seen Mount Rushmore, I know it's not bad, but there is always room for improvement, so my idea is to put the two together and let my friend Rose loose on the mountain with an ample supply of mosaic tiles.

Time lapse photography would record the inexorable progress, and the whole venture would be paid for with a "sponsor a tile" scheme.

Folk who sponsor would receive a chart showing the precise location of their particular tile. Wealthy individuals or corporations might decide to take ownership of an entire feature, such as George Washington's rather sullen brow or Theodore Roosevelt's bushy moustache.

As for my own preferences... I'm hoping that Lincoln's hair will get a variety of gold/bronze tinted mirror tiles.

xenzag, Apr 21 2007

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       You know that if we let the corporations in on it, all we'll get will be logos.
DrCurry, Apr 22 2007

       They only get to choose a location for their tile(s) not the colour(s).
xenzag, Apr 22 2007


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