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Mosquito drowner

Have a mosquito attractor (LEDs or a bug light) under a clear dish, have the dish full of soapy water; if the mosquitos land on the water the super wettability drowns them.
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More eradicating malaria ideas...

I am note sure if mosquitoes will land on fresh water and then stand there on the surface tension or not. If they do, then if they land on soapy water the super wettability could make them drown.

Place a mosquito attractor like a color, a bug light, or LEDS under the clear dish and the room is cleared of mosquitoes.

beanangel, Aug 28 2017


       High-voltage zappers that fry the little bastards in a smoky blue flash are much more satisfying.   

       However, this idea is worth trying. Just a small amount of surfactant, though, so that they drown slowly, and it's possible to enjoy their pitiful struggles and death-throes over many hours via the integral webcam - that way, you can enjoy their suffering even when you're not at home.   

       Do cats sink in soapy water ... ?
8th of 7, Aug 28 2017

       What needs to be done is to kill them at the larval stage, before they ever break the water's surface plane. Make enough crests so as to drown them before they take flight.
RayfordSteele, Aug 28 2017

       //Do cats sink in soapy water....?// Would your skin keep the rain off my lawnmower? Ha.
xenzag, Aug 29 2017

       That depends on how big your lawnmower is, shirley ?
8th of 7, Aug 29 2017

       He can't be _that_ big, shirley?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 29 2017

       Biting mosquitoes aren't really drawn toward bug lights. They want CO2, methane, and heat
Voice, Aug 29 2017

       Portable volcano ?
8th of 7, Aug 31 2017

       A portable compost heap would do it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 31 2017

       You'd have to persuade him to give up the leadership of the labour party, though.
8th of 7, Aug 31 2017

       I don't understand the methane bit. Attracted to farts? The others make sense.
Ling, Aug 31 2017


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