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Mosqiotobait 2

Wear pads and tempt mosquitos with them
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Until the power-hungry bureaucrats officially let anti-mosquito lasers into the wild, there will still be some buzzing around, and some of those will bite people. But people wearing this product are less likely to be bitten.

As I understand it mosquitos are attracted, among other things, to heat, chemicals in breath, and CO2, and possibly other things with a fairly complicated formula that makes them hard to trick. So this wearable pad would bait those mosquitos that do find human hosts. Dozens of pads would be worn at once. They would be hotter than normal skin, exude small amounts of CO2, lactic acid, and octenal Hopefully these characteristics would attract the mosquito away from exposed skin. Obviously they would contain a pesticide capable of killing any insect landing on them.

Voice, Aug 09 2021


       I am a mosquito magnet, so I'm offering myself as a model for these pads, for unit royalties of course. [+]
xenzag, Aug 10 2021

       [+] I'm imagining a future where lumps of lab-grown flesh are produced under the watchful glow of infra- red heat lamps, interfaced to a supply of nutrients via some kind of placenta like connection. Once of a large enough size and capable of simple respiration through a navel-like blow-hole, they are sent throbbing out into the wild as sacrificial decoys to attract mosquitos, perhaps with a view to delivering anti-malarial drugs in the process.   

       Many years later, they would rise up and conquer their human slave-masters, establishing a new age in which throbbing blobs of meat and mosquitos live out in a collaborative symbiotic utopia.
zen_tom, Aug 10 2021

       [zt] that already happened 7 or 8 years ago.
pocmloc, Aug 10 2021

       //hoping the little buggers *always* go there and not also explore nearby exposed flesh?//   

       If they go there first there will be no further exploring. And not all, just most. The idea isn't to become impervious, the idea is to greatly reduce the amount of times you get bitten.
Voice, Aug 10 2021

       Clever, be interesting to see if you could make it more attractive than the rest of the body. Maybe just have them stick like flypaper. Could have some kind of cover layer so they'd be hidden. Be kind of awkward walking into a room with a dozen mosquitos stuck to your shoulder furiously buzzing away. [+] though.
doctorremulac3, Aug 10 2021

       But then if you kill those mosquitoes, the surviving ones will be the type that goes for your true blood. You want these mosquitoes to thrive and kill off the other ones. So put in the pads some modified blood with high doses of caffeine, get them addicted, or make them aggressive to other mosquitoes. Once you have generations of the new type of mosquitos you just have to use a safe corner for mosquitoes with some kind of spider repellant.
pashute, Aug 11 2021

       Shame this idea only works for mosqiotos. Not many of them here. Could it be converted to deal with mosquitos?
pocmloc, Aug 11 2021


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