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Motion-Sensor Light Switch Addition

Because... well, sometimes it just sucks to be caught with your pants down.
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I find few things in life more irritating than being in a bathroom stall doing my business when someone either switches off the lights or the lightswitch has a motion sensor that turns off the lights if no motion is detected. Problem is, the damned motion sensors are NEVER positioned where they can see IN the stalls. I have been caught 3 times this year in such a way in public bathrooms. TWICE out of THREE times I was lucky enough to have my cellphone with me, and I was able to use the backlight to get myself out of this situation. Once.... I was not so fortunate.

What I am proposing is putting motion sensors in the bathroom stalls connected to the lights, so if motion is detected in any stall, the lights cannot be turned off. This isn't a privacy invasion because it only detects motion, not images.

21 Quest, Apr 19 2008


       I'd be thinking about taking my "business" elsewhere if that was a common occurence... or a flashlight... or yelling "HEY )#*(&$^&)@&#$" when the lights go out.
FlyingToaster, Apr 19 2008

       Rather than motion detectors, you could wire up the stall locks so you know when they're shut.
DrCurry, Apr 19 2008

       Would these not be better called motion's sensors?
xenzag, Apr 20 2008

       you mean "movement" sensors ?
FlyingToaster, Apr 20 2008

       Don't a lot of toilets already have infrared sensors to detect users, which then flush when they leave. Seems like hooking that to lights seems the natural solution.
MisterQED, Apr 20 2008

       // . I have been caught 3 times this year in such a way in public bathrooms. //

       Too much information. We have no wish for you to share the squalid details fo your private life .....

       It's a nice balance between energy conservation and safelty, especially for indigents like [21_quest] who obviously can't find their own backside with both hands (one hand being needed to hold the cellphone, obviously). Rather than motion sensors, how about sound sensors, so that (for instance) a handclap turns on the lights ? Also, luminescent paint as edging on fixtures would give some idea of location and an exit route. A very low power UV lamp could provide continuous excitation for the luminous components.
8th of 7, Apr 20 2008

       Or "lifehack" your eating (therefore defecating) habits so you can go at home where you can spend more than 20 minutes conducting business.
leif980, Apr 21 2008

       Clap on!   

       ...or make sure you eat lot of phosphorescent stuff.
hippo, Apr 21 2008

       "...I was able to use the backlinght to get myself out of this situation. Once... I was not so fortunate."

       So you're still there, posting this in the stall with no lights on? Full marks for effort, mate.
lostdog, Apr 21 2008

       Hippo - that was hilarious.

       Incidentally - I think what you need to do is to get your faciltities guy to switch from infrared sensors to ultrasonic ones. Those do a good job of detecting people - even in stalls (plus they are ceiling mounted).
energy guy, Apr 21 2008

       [Dang - the lights turned off when that bat flew through!]
DrCurry, Apr 21 2008


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