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Transparent-Walled Public Restroom Stalls

Maybe this would keep people from defiling our public restrooms.
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Would you be so apt to pee on the floor or crap on the toilet seat if everyone were to watch while you did so?
dgeiser13, May 05 2001

Might as well install these while you're at it. http://www.halfbake...idea/Glass_20Toilet
[snarfyguy, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Believe it or not I'm not ranting. I haven't had an issue with this in a long time. That's just the only reasonable reason I could think of for having them. On the unreasonable side however there are many...unfortunately this would make the world a very bizarre place to live in.   

       I'm kind of curious as to what people get up to in there, although I'd probably lose my cookies thrice daily. And then people could watch me puke! But wouldn't that be my just desserts for proposing something as heinous as this. :-)
dgeiser13, May 05 2001, last modified May 23 2001

       why bother having walls?
technobadger, May 05 2001

       Splashguards? Um.   

       Anyway, as I understand it this is how it is in prison and some military establishments. (No walls, that is, not transparent walls.) People get over it, apparently, though I imagine it wouldn't work well for society at large.   

       (I imagine it would be particularly unpopular in Japanese women's restrooms...)
egnor, May 05 2001

       I can just picture it now... Sirens blazing, beacons flashing on exterior of restroom door as Janitorial Security yells "Spread 'em" while your pants* are around your ankles
*Under and/or over
thumbwax, May 05 2001

       This idea sounds like a nightmare and a flashers delight. It also reminded me that in Philly there is -or was - a club that had a two-way mirror in the men's bathroom. The amusement came in using the urinals, let's hope for peeing, while watching women primp unknowingly on the other side. A symbiotic relationship?
tinker, May 23 2001

       [Mephista]: That would be '*some* normal people', no?
angel, May 23 2001

       Baked, or at least half-baked.   

       Belgo Noord in Camden, London, has a glass tiled, ahem, 'restroom' and to make matters worse it's right next to an open-plan kitchen area.   

       You can't see 'detail' but you can make out what people are doing.   

       At least I could, when observing from a matter of feet away.   

       Quite put me off my mussels and frites I can tell you.   

       This was a few years ago, so things might have changed - either to a proper wall (here's hoping) or a plain glass partition. Recent updates welcome...
littlechef, Jun 14 2001

       Would you be able to tell whether the seat was up or down and things like that? Maybe it was intended to shorten the odds that kitchen staff would wash their hands afterwards.   

       The obvious thing to do, of course, is to electrify the seat when it detects that it's being hit with a stream of liquid.
Monkfish, Jun 14 2001

       I dunno, Monkfish. Hot weather, sweaty buttocks. Perhaps a beefy nun with a moustache to oversee your accomplishment of the chore? And punish you if you are delinquent? Oooo, too kinky.
Dog Ed, Jun 15 2001

       This assumes that people do these things on purpose. But I'd have to guess that some non-zero percentage of seat-crappers have giardia, celiac sprue, some form of fecal incontinence... and they don't intend to do this. And the pee-ers? Little kids perfecting their aim, those with sphincter problems, and yes, the toilets themselves that are so vigorous in their flushing that they spray the seat themselves (have seen this with my own eyes). While I certainly think a loud buzzer and blinky red light going off when someone does these sorts of things on purpose, I'd rather not punish those who are both embarrased and unable to do much about it -- often, including cleaning it up (excuse me, sir, do you know where they keep the Sani-Bol?).
djanaba, Jun 15 2001

       A hundred years ago, double holed outhouses were quite common in Sweden. The main reason being to give the parents a place for confidential conversation, such as about money matters, out of earshot of the older and younger family members in their crowded home.
FarmerJohn, Apr 10 2002

       Wow, I really thought I had heard it all... Why would I EVER want to watch someone use the bathroom?
bspollard, Dec 12 2002

       /slightly off topic/   

       There was a guy in the States a couple of years ago who was arrested for watching women go to the bathroom from inside a campground outhouse. when they yanked him out he was wearing a full wetsuit.   

       That's nice.
Madcat, Aug 05 2003

       ummm..... i don't think anyone would go in there in the first place.
bmwrox, Aug 06 2003

       But nobody would use a see through rest room anyway so it would be a waste of time and money bilding them!
Flying Doom Squid, Aug 22 2007

       We hung the urinals on the glass block walls- 30,000 Hawkeye fans can't be wrong!   

       http://www.uiowa.edu /~urphopix/campus/buildings/ pages/CB-10-99-1472-09-RB.htm
harperolocito, Aug 22 2007

       If you like this idea, check out my Sanitary Door and Urinal Slot Machine.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 22 2007


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