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Out-of-stall viewer

lets you see who else is in the bathroom
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Let's face it: When you're sitting on the toilet with pants unfurled, you are not in a position to bargain.

Those so-called locks offer very little security. If some shifty guy comes into the bathroom who might (a) kick open the stall door without checking to see if anyone's in there, or (b) try to attack you while you're sitting there, you want to know this so you can prepare yourself.

Or, in the office restroom, maybe you're afraid your boss is out there, and you don't want to see him/her right now. If he is, you want to wait in the toilet stall until he leaves. But it's hard to see who's out there through the tiny slits between the stall door and the wall.

A wide angle video camera with monitor on the stall door would kill all these birds with one stone.

phundug, Aug 05 2003


       somewhere there was an idea for a periscope for bathroom use, will keep looking for it...
rbl, Aug 05 2003

       Pfah. Video Cameras and one way mirrors indeed. I say that this subject requires a minigun, at least. Power to the (pantsless) people!
Madcat, Aug 05 2003

       Glass doors, but with net curtains. They've convinced Suburbia that no-one's looking into their windows; they should be just as effective in the, ahem, smallest room.
friendlyfire, Aug 10 2003


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