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Motorcycle attachments

Go-Go Gadget dirtbike.
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You're riding through the back country, and have this urge to check out the trails on the other side of a wide, slow moving river, or better yet that small island in the center of it. No problem.

Contained within your saddle bags is an inflatable pontoon boat, but the kicker is that once the boat is assembled and you ride your motorcycle onto the center track both tires drop into cradles which lock the bike into place. The rear tire powers either the propeller or jets, while the handle bars control rudder movements. Your dirt bike has just become a speed boat.

Or you just gotta chew up the deer trails on the far side of this here ravine in front of you. Well the other saddle bag contains a collapsible hang glider with a rear mounted propeller, (again powered by the rear tire). Ten minutes of assembly later and you're winging it to the other side to drop off the attachments to await your return flight.

Until you run out of gas there's nowhere you can't go.

Enter this contest http://www.craigvet...rScooter_rules.html
[thumbwax, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

SoloTrek XFV, SFV http://www.solotrek.com/mjet/index1.html
SFV pic at bottom left [thumbwax, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Motorcycle/snowmobile conversion http://neobike.net/...tation/snomoto.html
Not exactly portable, but still... [pbx, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

2WD floatable bike http://www.rokon.com/
Rokon makes 2WD bikes with balloon tires that float (though not while you're on it!) [pbx, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Gotta love those Inspector Gadget saddlebags.
jurist, Jan 18 2003


       //Until you run out of gas there's nowhere you can't go.//   

       Underwater? Perhaps the pontoons are inflated by air tanks which can be re-pressurized during above water transit and can provide air to the bike and driver while submerged. The propeller is already there. Make it a submersible and you’ve got a croissant.
Shz, Jan 18 2003

       Hmmm. I hadn't given much thought to underwater.   

       How about this; a six foot snorkel connected to the bikes air intake. Waterproof the electrical system. Replace the air in the pontoons with water until the motorcycle submerges a couple of feet, and a third saddle bag full of scuba equipment for the rider.   

       Now if I could just figure out how to launch this puppy into space, I'd get me the X-prize.   

       Clearly an Earth based RV. - No need for space contraptions. Snorkeling motorcycle? – Excellent! Croissant.
Shz, Jan 18 2003

       I picture this somewhat along the lines of the SoloTrek SFV - but an open cockpit with tiltable blades at the upper rear, for that desirable swamp-boat look with landing apparatus not unlike a seaplane.
thumbwax, Jan 18 2003

       Reminds me of the old cartoon 'Mask,' where vehicles would convert into other types of vehicles, but weren't robotic, in order to avoid the potential "Transformers" lawsuit.   

       Those are some big saddlebags to contain a propeller.
RayfordSteele, Jan 18 2003

       Yeah, I don't know if you could make a collapsible propeller. Maybe certain pieces could be attached as part of the bike itself. Like both fenders disassembled become the prop.
I leave these kinds of details to my people in R&D.

       I just thought of another one in the last few minutes.   

       By removing the front tire, bolting on a ski, and adding a triangular pivoting track, (again powered directly by the rear tire), you could turn your bike into a uni-ski snow mobile. You would probably have to do some tinkering with the engine in order to run it in below zero temperatures, but it would be a helluva ride.   

       Using two extensions for each prop, one longer than the other, this could be done.

Each view is front, one side:

"Saddlebag" position



Two-position base swivels/locks.
Two-position prop swivels/locks.
thumbwax, Jan 18 2003

       Ha. I just saw on the TV. this afternoon a mono-ski skidoo that is almost exactly like what I had in mind.   

       Not working today then 2 fries ? anyroad i think i missed this one,can you put thrusters on my kit order please (+)
skinflaps, Jan 31 2003

       Yep. Day off. Thrusters, no, but I could hook you up to a nitrous oxide canister.   


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