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Motorway Mother Duck

Foul weather speed control by hovercraft
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Eliminate the danger of psychopathic tailgaters and banshee-doppler-effect overtakers.

Station a big hovercraft, wide enough to take up the whole road, every 30 or 40 miles along each motorway. When the bad weather comes down, launch the hovercraft fleet and control traffic speed.

thud, Nov 03 2004

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       and blowing the shit out of everything?
skinflaps, Nov 03 2004

       Yeah, if that floats your boat. I suppose we could position cops with shotguns on the roof. ;-)
thud, Nov 03 2004

       Not quite what I meant, hovercrafts have thrust propellers.
skinflaps, Nov 03 2004

       Why a hovercraft (other than that they're cool)? Why not, say, a police car (as often used now for this purpose)?
angel, Nov 03 2004

       I think [skinfla-[freerunner]'s got a point there [thud]. Your Mother Duck will be blowing all the bad weather into the traffic. I love the image of a 3-lane-wide hovercraft cruising down a motorway, but it just ain't working.
DocBrown, Nov 03 2004

       I knew, freerunner - apologies for my flippancy. Is the blowing really such a problem, though? Why can't it be an added "keep your distance" thing?   

       angel, what I have in mind is a full stop to speeding, rather than a deterrent. Even maniacs can't overtake a wide hovercraft. They'll just have to sit and deal with their blood pressure.   

       O/T Hey, this place is really cool, isn't it?
thud, Nov 03 2004

       //this place is really cool, isn't it?//   

       The thermostat's broken in this oven, baby.
ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 03 2004

       What's to stop a car from just driving underneath the hovercraft? What if there were roadworks in one of the lanes? Why not just make the driving test harder and more frequent so that only people who are able to drive inteligently are allowed to?
Belfry, Nov 03 2004

       Yeah, breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck, you got a copy on me pigpen? C’mon.   

       oh *mother* duck!
po, Nov 03 2004

       Belfry: (a) physics/self preservation; (b) good point - let's station 2-lane-wide hovercrafts wherever there are roadworks; and (c) not in my remit.   

       etherman: your issues are not my issues.   

       po: that's a big ten-four good buddy.
thud, Nov 03 2004

       sorry thud for trying to enforce an abstract and irrelevant subject matter like the US presidency on you. I didn't realise we had bakers from Pluto.
etherman, Nov 04 2004

       or Europe even.   

       the more I read this, the more I like it. I think they should be camouflaged as big waddling ducks though.
po, Nov 04 2004

       ...or some kind of science fiction alien 'Blob'.
hippo, Nov 04 2004

       etherman, I refer you to my profile page.
thud, Nov 04 2004

       [thud] read the prof.pg. I love you....
dentworth, Nov 04 2004

       [hint... use your profile page to tell us a bit about who you are, instead]
david_scothern, Nov 04 2004

       Why, thank you dentworth. And david, I have followed your advice.
thud, Nov 12 2004

       So that's where you? [tsuka] went, gone, back, etc, etc..
skinflaps, Nov 17 2004


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