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Remotely folding lampposts

Lamposts that fold over to stop car chases
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This Idea is to Stop high speed car chases on public roads It would work by making lampposts with Concrete blocks with lights on the top and on one side so if a police car chases a getaway car along a stretch of road the police can close it off quickly and effectively. And civilians are alerted to the danger by the flashing light on the lampposts (which also make them highly visible so they don't crash into the lamposts that have folded over)
Flying Doom Squid, Aug 22 2007


       + creative and practical, spelling aside.
xandram, Aug 22 2007

       Another bun if they can also chase the car.
RayfordSteele, Aug 22 2007

       I would imagine placing a concrete barrier in the middle of a main road is going to be "pulverising the fleeing vehicle" regardless.
That said, I'm all for it.
MikeOliver, Aug 23 2007

       Note: I said it would close off the area not pulverise the offending car, motor cycle or truck, It would close far enough away to allow the offender time to stop rather than forcing them to crash into one of the folded over lampposts. Also only a few lampposts in an area would fold not all of them!
Flying Doom Squid, Aug 29 2007


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