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Radar detector link

why tap the brakes yourself?
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When driving with cruise control, one of the biggest reasons for breaking out of cruise is when you think you see a cop, or the radar detector buzzes. Why not have the radar detector automatically pop you out of cruise? Or better yet, have it drop speed as the RF strength increases and then go back up to cruising speed when the RF strength drops off.
tenhand, Mar 14 2001


       Hey, if everyone had one of these, the cops could pull people over just by pointing their radar gun at them.
centauri, Mar 14 2001

       Me, I'd set up radar emitters to set people's detectors off...
StarChaser, Mar 14 2001

       I don't think that radar is even used much even more. Laser versions are far more accurate, and are "point-and-click." No stray emissions around to set off anyone's detectors. If your detector does have a laser thingie on it, it's pretty much useless. If it beeps, they've got you.   

       Besides, this is cheating. Speed traps are predictable and can easily be avoided. I've got 6 years driving under my belt, speeding for most of it, and I've yet to get a single ticket.   

       *knocks on wood*   

rapid transit, May 24 2003

       // If it beeps, they've got you. //   

       not unless you lack a radar/laser jammer ;o)
superman9k, Dec 14 2003


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