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Mountain Don't

A soda that helps you fall asleep
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For those of us who sometimes have a hard time falling asleep, love the taste of soda, and don't want to waste time boiling tea since the idea is to fall asleep faster, I propose a soda with no caffeine and ingredients that induce drowsiness, like chamomile and (if safe) possibly some ingredients found in Benadryl and cough syrup.
21 Quest, Aug 27 2007

(??) Nutrisoda Calm http://www.nutrisoda.com/calm.asp
Chock full of sleepy. [rascalraidex, Aug 29 2007]


       A full stomach helps you fall asleep, as anyone who has tried to stay awake through an afternoon seminar knows. People drink tea or warm milk before sleeping, because a warm stomach (core temperature) also helps.

       Just microwave your soda pop before drinking it. Or drink it in the bath.
DrCurry, Aug 27 2007

       I've heard that before (the part about warm temperature) but if that were true then why do so many people drink hot coffee to stay awake?

       (note: I'm not arguing the point, I'm genuinely curious)
21 Quest, Aug 27 2007

       Tea and coffee both contain caffeine, a well-known stimulant. Drink enough, it will offset the effects of the warm stomach.
DrCurry, Aug 27 2007

       Ah... so de-caf would be a good way to fall asleep for those who love coffee then? I don't like coffee, though, and the idea of warm soda really upsets my stomach...
21 Quest, Aug 27 2007

       Perhaps chuck in some anti-histamines aswell and create the bubbles using carbon monoxide.

       <Anglophilic Rant>You must be American if you think that 'dew' sounds like 'do'</AR>
marklar, Aug 28 2007

       There's a soda here called "Mountain Dew" (hence the title) made by Pepsi Co, pumped full of caffeine and wildly popular because of the superior energy rush you get from it, and the commercials use the phrase "Do the Dew". Yes, over here 'do' and 'dew' are pronounced the same.
21 Quest, Aug 28 2007

       marklar, balls-in-mouth upper class types have been known to do the reverse pronounciation mangling: "Hewd'youdew?"

       A cold drink that makes you sleepy? How about booze? Five gin martinis'll do yer, with olives as bedtime snack.
calum, Aug 28 2007

       I was thinking of making a "Mountain Jew" t-shirt (or maybe "Mountin' Jew"), but no one here would get the joke, since they don't say it that way.
DrCurry, Aug 28 2007

       Seven Down: the narcola   

       No more depressing than a soothing chamomile tea. Soothing and relaxing doesn't mean depressing.
21 Quest, Aug 28 2007

       We drink LemonSlime (generic lemon lime)here, but my wife agrees that if we had to choose we'd take the Don't over the Dew any day. Catchy name. Needs a list of Doz & Dozn'ts on the label.+
UfosOverChina, Aug 28 2007

       carbonated NyQuil?
evilpenguin, Aug 28 2007

       No, more like carbonated Sleepy Time tea (made by Celestial Seasonings).... wihout the tea. The Arizona Beverage Company has proven that carbonated green tea is actually quite popular (although I despise it myself), however, so maybe using carbonated tea wouldn't be such a bad idea.
21 Quest, Aug 28 2007

       Actually, i just had some sleepy time soda, its a nutrisoda called calm made by Airforce. It has chamomile in it. Tasted like flowers and berries.
rascalraidex, Aug 29 2007

       Dr. Pepper put me to sleep after about two hours of eyes wide open. No I don't use it anymore.
popbottle, Dec 02 2015

       Kinda like Slow Cow?
notexactly, Dec 02 2015


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