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Return of Crystal Pepsi

For those of us who actually liked it
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Crystal Pepsi. Almost everyone I know hated it except for a small number of us who absolutely loved it. PepsiCo wouldn't be smart to try to push it onto the public again because it didn't do well at all, but I would like to see them remanufacture it in limited numbers and make it available for ordering from a website, say http://www.crystalpepsicola.com or something along those lines, for the few of us who liked it. Unless I'm the only one.
AfroAssault, Nov 11 2001

Crystal Pepsi Fan Club http://crystalpepsi.captainmike.org/
Crystal Pepsi still exists! People are selling unopened bottles of the stuff on eBay. [jaksplat, Mar 09 2005]


       Dave, is that you?   

       Strange...I was just talking with a guy I work with about this very same thing. We'd both love to see the return of Crystal Pepsi.   

       Damn you, SNL, with your "Crystal Gravy" mockery, which helped kill a great product.
Guncrazy, Nov 11 2001

po, Nov 11 2001

       Of course the ruler should have 'hologram' dinosaurs on it.
Guy Fox, Nov 11 2001

       Stolichnaya Cristal has a nice ring to it, too, and I like it better than Crystal Pepsi. Far better, actually.   

       Also, I'm wondering what your invention is on this one, Mr. Assault.
bristolz, Mar 07 2005

       Took you a while to get wondering, [bristolz].
bungston, Mar 07 2005

       You are not the only one. I adored the stuff. It was as good as Dr. Pepper.
gisho, Mar 08 2005

       //Also, I'm wondering what your invention is on this one, Mr. Assault.//

Uh oh, she's onto me... Must be spring cleaning here at the bakery.
Can we go with what [UnaBubba] said?

[mfd- not an idea]
AfroAssault, Mar 08 2005

       //Was the original product somehow different to the current one// It was clear.
Worldgineer, Mar 08 2005

       I remember it being way too carbonated. In fact, I can't ever remember pouring a glass without it overflowing onto the counter. They'd have to deal with that first.
thefullrob, Mar 10 2005

       I'm glad you liked the cola, but the idea is more than a little baked.
kumpf, Mar 10 2005

       Howso? Is there a manner in which I can procure this beverage without it being a 10 year old unopened can? Did the man with the swirly hair really kill Mrs. Buckley?
AfroAssault, Mar 10 2005


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