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Table Colas

Carbonated Table Waters by Cola Makers
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Add to already increased mineralization of natural table waters -- this is already done by some bottlers. The difference is added cola extracts, for a real cola presence.

Possibly a way for the youngish set to conform to dietary principles and continue to consume cola drinks as per their age bracket.

reensure, Feb 24 2002

Orelsol http://www.nerl.com...al_bev.html#Orelsol
Lots of vitamins, mg++ and electrolytes. [reensure, Feb 26 2002]


       So you're proposing a soft drink flavored with cola? Hasn't that been done before?
pottedstu, Feb 24 2002

       ¯pottedstu: Actually spent the better part of the day trying to find the ways and means to add calcium to bottled soda. About all that I can find out is that, at least in the US, we are somewhat averse to drinking sodapop at a proper meal and there is little or no info about the advisæbility of supplementing the diet with calcium if one consumes carbonated drinks regularly or exclusively.
reensure, Feb 24 2002

       We who? I drink Coke with pretty much everything I eat.
StarChaser, Feb 24 2002

       you can buy carbonated water with flavouring, I drink it all the time so I cannot see a cola one would be impossible. The only trouble would be with the taste. It would taste well like watered down cola - yuk. reensure, you seem to be having a bit of a crisis with what you are consuming in general.
po, Feb 24 2002

       As sodas (in the Coca-cola sense) are carbonated water with syrup added, I should think this would be very doable. It shouldn't be too difficult to order up some Coke syrup and add a bit to your sparkling water - though [po]'s right: If you add just a bit it'll taste like crap. You'll also end up with sugar in the drink and that may be something you're trying to avoid.
phoenix, Feb 24 2002

       Anyone remember Soda Stream carbonated drinks makers? You carbonate water with gas in a cylinder, and add syrup, flavors including a generic cola syrup. You could in theory use the still mineral water of your choice.
pottedstu, Feb 25 2002

       'Anyone remember Soda Stream'. Yes, I have one, and use it every day.
angel, Feb 25 2002

       Do you live in the 1970's then angel?
dare99, Feb 25 2002

       Wild guess that angel is referring to urinating.
thumbwax, Feb 25 2002

       Orelsol [link] is close to what I'm interested in learning more about (no longer available through our wholesaler, alas) but I acknowledge that even here, taste is a factor. Specifically, the same folks that gag at Gatorade can be expected to gag at this, I agree with the statements of the producers in that it has a pleasant taste for an orange pop. Dr Enuf is a similar product -- damn good, IMO -- that is neither available locally nor widely praised, though is cola flavored.
reensure, Feb 26 2002


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