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Mouse Levitator

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Mice. So cute, so fluffy, so beady-eyed, yet so unwanted.

The Pest Control division of MaxCo. has been trying for years to invent a humane mousetrap, but most of our efforts to date have been disappointing. The MouseBegone MkII failed in what can only be described as a dangerous way - it turns out that you have to get the butane/propane mix *just* right. The Mousenator was almost a success, but it turned out that reassembling the mouse prior to release was virtually impossible.

Finally, though, we have it. The MaxCo Mouse Levitator. Simply place the bait station in a corner of your kitchen, and load it with a generous spoonful of our handily-packaged peanut-butter-and-iron-filing bait. Then install the arrestor plate on the skirting board at least 18 inches away from the bait station. Please note that the powerful magnets in the arrestor plate may harm credit cards or magnetic storage media.

One the mouse has been caught, simply use the provided plastic spatula to prize it off the arrestor plate, and release it at least 100 metres from your house. It is advisable not to release it due south of your house, as residual induced magnetism will lead to the mouse heading north until the bait has passed through its system.

MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 26 2019

levitating a frog http://www.physics....diamag/diajap00.pdf
Using the diamagnetism in a frog (and an 11T (superconducting magnet produced) magnetic field) [xaviergisz, Jun 27 2019]

behave_20beehive_20hairdo proposal to use magnetic properties of bees to create a hairstyle [xenzag, Jun 27 2019]


       If you had enough similarly magnetised mice, would it be possible to use them to make a kind of electrical generator, assuming they were induced to spend time running around in circles in proximity to some copper wire wound coils?
xenzag, Jun 26 2019

       You seem to have missed an absolutely perfect application for a linear motor .. think "rail gun" but ending in a brief, damp squeak.   

       // MouseBegone MkII failed in what can only be described as a dangerous way //   

       Dangerous, yes, but also highly entertaining. And to be fair, the Mk. V works extremely well, and consistently. It's just a pity about all those petty "product safety" rules, and the treaty on Weapons of Mass Destruction ...   

       As to the Mousenator, if you had studied our Prior Art, to wit the Catalyzer, you would have realized that once an object has been converted to plasma, it's quite difficult to reassemble in its original form.
8th of 7, Jun 27 2019

       //load it with a generous spoonful of our handily-packaged peanut-butter-and-iron-filing bait//   

       At which point (in conjunction with the already read title) no further reading is necessary [+] a return to form, Carstairs has finally restocked the cellar then?
Skewed, Jun 27 2019

       If you assume that the mice are the guinea pigs, then it would make more sense to use hamsters as lab rats for the next phase.
8th of 7, Jun 27 2019

       I think this is good, and fits well with using some of natural magnetic properties of certain species (see link) I can see the magnetic hamsters running at high speed to power the lights in a caravan. (for example) Could magnetised blood containing carborundum particles not be dragged backwards and forwards to clean constricted arteries? [I'm delivering a crumb +]
xenzag, Jun 27 2019

       //Carstairs has finally restocked the cellar then?// Good lords, no. Even the Emergency Backup cellar takes three men with a forklift a good week to completely restock or reorganise. However, the Estate's wine buyers recently returned from Italy with a particularly fine collection of free samples, which only took a day and a bit to lay down in the Sampling cellar.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 27 2019

       I'm with 8th on this, the standard capture-release mechanic is a little mundane Extending the device to employ a series of electro-magnets arranged in series for rail-gun type operation, it might be possible to accelerate the mouse such that it vaporises, reducing chances of a reinfestation.
zen_tom, Jun 28 2019

       // release it at least 100 metres from your house //   

       Should read: "at least 500 m" - I tried it with 100m the other day, and the mouse was back in the trap after 10 minutes. It came back another time the same evening after having been brought 100m in the other direction.
Toto Anders, Jul 08 2019

       Was it the same mouse, though?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 08 2019

       We can confirm that the MaxCo Mouse-B-Gone™ service is an effective (if expensive) way of removing live mice to such a distance as to make their rapid return impractical. One of their ex-Soviet ICBMs whizzed past our Cube in lunar orbit only last week, and we could clearly read the branding painted on the side.
8th of 7, Jul 08 2019


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