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Minimalism Enforcer

aka buckaroo shelves
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I always aspire to mimimalism, but somehow end up with the opposite ie maximalism. My shelves are groaning under lines of objects, and books of every description. I should just install some of the new Minimalism Enforcer shelves.

These are shelves that attach to the wall via a hinge mechanism, with a built in weight detector, that is also linked to a small camera which you must place on an opposite wall.

This is how Minimalism Enforcer works:
The camera takes an optical reading of the blank wall space above the shelf, prior to any objects visually obscuring it. This is fed back via a wireless signal to the under shelf control unit. The control unit is linked to a trigger which can release the hinge supports, allowing the shelf to flop forward, dumping its contents into the floor, before returning to an upright position.

Also linked to the same control unit is a weight monitor, which can also release the same action, if sufficient weight is detected.

The ratio between the visual impact and the weight of items on the shelf can be adjusted all the way up to maximum. In the maximum setting, a single copy of Zen and the Art of Empty Shelving might be tolerated, but if even a fly landed on the shelf, the buckaroo response would instantly follow.

Table Action version also under development.

xenzag, Jul 21 2013

Buckaroo http://en.wikipedia...iki/Buckaroo_(game)
Uses a mule instead of a shelf. [xenzag, Jul 21 2013]


       Tipping forward onto the floor destroys the usefulness of this device. It should tip backwards into an automated waste disposal chute.
pocmloc, Jul 21 2013


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