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a moving photomosaic generator
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This software allows a source film to be viewed as a matrix of equally sized rectangles. It does so by arranging thousands of tiny stored films to form the single larger moving image. The memory and processor-demanding program would require a relaxed movie like a sequence of a cat stretching in the sunshine. One of the “pixels” of the cat’s white fur could be a film of children playing in the snow. As the cat moves its paw, that same rectangle would now have to represent part of the hardwood floor and could be a film of people on a beach.

Besides the possibilities of slow motion, reverse, still and fast forward, the most interesting function would be to zoom in on one or a group of the mosaic film bits. After magnifying one of the parts, which may suddenly change at any time, one notices that this movie in turn is made up of thousands of movies that can also be studied in minute detail.

Of course all this information on several levels would not be present at once but is added as the viewer chooses to zoom at a certain spot. On the other hand, the movements of the cat affect the smaller floor-beach scene with a walking man in red shorts that affects an even smaller part of a shorts-tomato harvest film.

FarmerJohn, Jun 18 2004

create mosaics from multiple image sources http://www.serianto.../mosaic/gallery.htm
doesn't do video (that i can tell) but can use small video clips in the individual cells. extremely cool [xclamp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

gigi76's link as a link. http://www.photomosaic.com
no charge for this service - but gigi next time do it yourself. [po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

gigi76's link as a link - not sure how much these are in any way shape or form like FJ's idea http://www.filmmosaik.de/
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       The film to be “moviemosaiced” could have an optional length, but viewing all of its constituent parts and their parts – those which aren’t reused – might represent an effort equal to keeping a jour with the bakery.
FarmerJohn, Jun 18 2004

       very slick idea. i imagine the necessary processing power would be enormous but it would be cool to be able to convert any film or video image into such a display. might be able to do it with less computing power if you simply had the computer change the color of the random images in each tile, would still be interesting but loses the finer qualities of the original idea (+).   

       in the meantime check the link for software that uses stills to do something similar.
xclamp, Jun 18 2004

       Wondering if I'm wrong but....don't they already do this for still pics? xclamp posted a link. So I imagine that this idea is somewhat baked. A good idea, and would be cool to look at, but I think it's way too similar to the single-frames to be let off the hook. Sorry. [-]
Pocketassreturn, Jun 18 2004

       Not baked. A moving mosaic is as different from a still as moving picures is from a photo.   

       [2 fries shy of a happy meal] You pointed out that it's no different than 'moving pictures is from a photo'. Well, you pretty much just proved my point. Moving pictures=moving photo. You're not exactly comparing apples and oranges, are you?   

       Regardless of what's similar to what, you do have to admit, it's not exactly an original idea...video mosaics are pretty much the next step in the logical progression anyway, so...
Pocketassreturn, Jun 19 2004

       Quite hard to mentally visualise this, but I'd definitely like to see it done. I think you could extend it to more intense on-screen activity if you plotted a "colour value trajectory" for each element of your matrix, and then used a (very fast) computer to search through hundreds of films to find clips with similar colour value trajectories. Actually... you could simply plot a graph of average colour value for each movie, and save time by just searching the graphs each time you needed a clip that, for instance, moved from light-red to dark green. +
spacemoggy, Jun 19 2004

       //moved from light-red to dark green// ...and at the right instant. I was contemplating this instead of changing clips upon color change (and thus necessitating a much larger library of film clips), but didn't want to further complicate the description.
FarmerJohn, Jun 19 2004

       Sorry, even that has been done allready. Look at http://www.photomosaic.com/rt/ 12.htm   

       There is an example movie. It's nice, but the idea is old.   

pipikran, Jun 20 2004

       Right, the idea has been done. FarmerJohn, ideas of already made things should not be posted here...
gigi76, Jun 20 2004

       gigi76, don't blame FarmerJohn for having good ideas, which others had before. The intention of this forum is to collect nice ideas, and this would not be possible if everyone had to check his idea. FarmerJohn just didn't know that his idea is an old one already done.
andy27, Jun 20 2004

       Andy, I think YOU like to blame people... I just said that this idea has been done and after some research I found out this idea is ancient in fact! A few links, where people just did exactly that: - http://www.photomosaic.com/rt/ 12.htm - http://www.filmmosaik.de   

       The effect of photo and even movie mosaics has been used in many tv spots, magazines and so on. Marketing experts just yawn, when they see it.
gigi76, Jun 20 2004

       You seem to be informed about movie mosaics. But the fact that this idea has already been implemented and we didn't see it does not give you the right to speak this tartly. But anyway: Thank you for the links.
andy27, Jun 20 2004

       My, a lot happens while one is peacefully asleep. This seems well-baked and as Pocket wrote, "video mosaics are pretty much the next step in the logical progression"- one could assume it wouldn't be original very long. I'll delete this soon (or not) and am impressed with the speed of your rallying 11 negative votes.
FarmerJohn, Jun 20 2004

       Farmer i view your idea as a more advanced than the ones gigi links too that and and less poncy version (i.e. the film is something you would want to watch)
engineer1, Jun 21 2004

       Are pipikran, gigi, and andy just a hoax, [toejam]? I notice they were all created on the same day.
spacemoggy, Jun 21 2004

       Farmer John's idea involves movies within movies within movies, like a fractal. The B-52's video is similar to FarmerJohn's idea, but different. The B-52's video involves movies (of the B-52's) within a still image (of the planet Earth).
You may say that the planet Earth image is also a movie, but the only motion is the zooming out of the camera. No aspect of the image itself moves. And it isn't fractal.
robinism, Jun 22 2004

       //And it isn't fractal.//   

       It will be when I've finished my satellite.
Detly, Jun 22 2004


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