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Offset Scanner Warp Plug-In

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If you put an image into a scanner and as the scan strip goes across that image, you offset/move it, the image comes out with these warped, wavy stretch lines. The effect is quite an interesting one, but to continually test it by moving the image in the scanner is quite time consuming.

This plug-in works on predominantly bitmap/pixel images but could be adapted for vectors. Working on a selective skewing process, it would be a matter of setting how many wavy lines required, the curvatue of these lines, distance apart etc for photoshop or similar applications.

see link for an example of this effect.

benfrost, May 22 2005

an albatross - cover http://knifeparty.c...start_from=&ucat=3&
warping of title text similar to offsetting an image in a scanner or photocopier [benfrost, May 22 2005]

Slit scan photography http://www.rit.edu/...text-slit-scan.html
A comprehensive description with samples. [bristolz, May 22 2005]


       You can do this in PhotoShop whilst retaining your real-to-life scan for additional experimentation.
MauiChuck, May 24 2005


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