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Muscle-based Bone Modeler

I know what I want
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Bone modeling would be so much easier if there were a muscle-based bone modeler. Current bone modelers are just the model and a bone structure that you manipulate.

You could create extremely realistic movements from bone modelers if you could add muscles and specify impulses and durations of the impulse from the muscles.

Then you could say "You contract for 15 frames and you relax and you and you and you contract at half strength" and you suddenly have your model hand going from half clenched to giving someone the finger.

DesertFox, May 21 2006


       3D Studio Max and Maya (old technology now) had muscle and bone on the models for animation..., or what the heck are you talking about DF. btw, hi.how is school going? are you taking 3-D graphics and animation? There are good jobs out if you are.
dentworth, May 21 2006

       welcome back DF!
po, May 21 2006

       I'm not talking muscle animations, I'm talking movement controlled by muscle-simulation. But I've never used Maya or 3DSM, but I so badly want them. I'm moving to Rochester NY for college in August.   

       [thanks po! I've been busy - my current project that I started on my own is a 2D node-based animation tool - I may upload a beta-test sometime soon]
DesertFox, May 22 2006


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