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Movie Game

Finish your game and play it like a movie.
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Have a computer RPG that keeps track of everything you do and, when you beat it, strings it all together into a unique movie (with montages for the boring, experience building sections). Best of all, you can go back to any point during the game and change it, make a different decision and significantly alter the course of the game.

(supercat) The difference between this and what Quake can do is that there would be a story line. I'm thinking something like a Fallout movie, but with more characters who actually talk.

centauri, Jun 28 2000


       Already possible in QUAKE.
supercat, Jun 28 2000

       Alpha Centauri did something like this, at the end. Couldn't change anything, though.
StarChaser, Jun 07 2001

       There shouldn't be any "boring, experience building sections" in a CRPG. That's (in my opinion) a sign that the game is poorly designed. (Conversely, it's also a sign of poor design if any problem can be solved by wandering out into the wilderness to "level up.")   

       Fallout handles this well. You could go out in the desert and get experience killing rats and scorpions, but (1) you don't really need to, (2) it's a waste of ammo, and (3) your vault is running out of water while you waste time this way.
bookworm, Jun 08 2001

       Fallout 1 was really well done. Fallapart 2 was so bad it crashed the cash register before I got it out of the store, then my car wouldn't start, and...A good idea poorly executed...
StarChaser, Jun 09 2001, last modified Jun 14 2001

       [admin: deleted link and two annotations complaining about it.]
jutta, Jun 13 2001

       There's a big difference between "boring to watch" and "boring to play". Imagine a RPG in which you levelled up by solving crossword puzzles. This could be very involving for the player who's trying to figure them out, but it would be immensely boring to stare at an unchanging grid in instant replay.
baf, Jul 06 2001


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