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I, Sim: YOU2

a game that has a 3d photorealistic and personality copy of yourself
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Similar to the Sims series of games but the next step. Using your webcam to take several photographs of yourself of all the different angles of your face and head, the game would be able to build a 3d model of yourself. With a virtual exact body it would then construct an avitar copy. Then the software would go through a huge list of choices, that you could select from, all the types of clothes you own, the furniture in your place, your place of residence, your vehicles, your neighborhood, your usual daily routine, your work skills, all your personality traits, character elements, habits, talents, manerisms, gestures, eating habits, leisure activities, sleep cycle, social and sex life, etc. Then it would build a virtual YOU2 and place you in a sim game that is about your life. You could let it run autonomously and see what kinds of trouble or successes YOU2 gets yourotherself into, all the adventure yourotherself does, and what yourotherself does with your input and help. The game never ends, like Everquest, so that the more you play or yourotherself plays, the more like you the otherself character gets. Soon you'll have an exact Digital Clone of yourself online. Then it could network with other Real otherselfs of other people online for further adventures.
Huge, Dec 13 2002

human 3d scanning http://www.scansite.../entertainment.html
[Huge, Oct 04 2004]

there! http://www.there.com/
3d virtual world chatroom game type thingy... [DeathNinja, Oct 04 2004]


       Now *that's* scary.
DrCurry, Dec 13 2002

       Um, you could just get on with your life rather than sitting at a computer simulating it.
madradish, Dec 13 2002

       This idea would prevent bad online dating experiences as well. When that online sweetheart proposes a meeting, you could plug the two "yourotherselves" into the Sim and confidently say "No, thank you, you end up killing my pets, ruining my credit and burning everything I own within three years. Do you have a sister?"
X2Entendre, Dec 13 2002

       Just a thought... Instead of making a virtual life which is EXACTLY the same as your real life and living in it, wouldn't it be feasible to just live ur real life?
joker_of_the_deck, Dec 13 2002

       is it groundhog day? could have sworn we did this yesterday, and the day before and the d
po, Dec 13 2002

       Instead of scrolling through lists of choices, maybe there could be an electronic accessory that you could wear, that would learn your habits, routines, etc. and then upload it into your sim-universe. It wouldn't eliminate *all* of the lists, but it could cut down on some.   

       This idea would have practical applications of all kinds, too. Review your entire day, (fast-forward through the boring parts), and analyze your own behaviour and productivity.   

       "What would our kids be like?" "Let's find out..."
RayfordSteele, Dec 13 2002

       Of course, the next step beyond this would be to develop self-aware AIs which learn from experience to fuse with virtual selves. Once they become suitably complex individuals, they could be completely autonomous, and you wouldn't even have to put the effort in to live a virtual life. The benefit of this is that the followup product (SimSIM games) develop *and play* themselves, removing human thought or effort from the process altogether.
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 13 2002

       I've been wondering how to give my computer that last drop of humanity ive been desperately holding onto all these years.
ironfroggy, Dec 13 2002


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