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MMORPG style Axis and Allies Chess

As if Axis and Allies the boardgame wasn't time consuming enough as it was..
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Some time ago I thought up a version of Axis and Allies the board game where every move's outcome is decided by a game of Chess.

Now with the advent of the MMORPG i Imagine this might be easier to achieve.

Basically every army of World War 2 would be controlled by individual players who fight their battles out with chess. The Commanders would play a game to make their strategic moves. Then generals would play a game to move their armies. Then armies would fight man to man with a chess match each.

By the end of a battle the outcome would be decided by how many people lost their matches on each side and the whole process would start over again after the Commander's next move.

As if Axis and Allies wasn't long enough of a game? I've just turned it into a year long adventure !

Ponies for Parties, Dec 21 2005

(??) an RPG chess game comes close http://members.fort...trickm/rpgchess.htm
In this game every chess attack move is played out RPG style [Ponies for Parties, Dec 21 2005]


       Isn't that the (variation of) order of play that D&D fans aspire to?
reensure, Dec 21 2005

       "Mussolini to g4. Truman is in checkmate."   

       "I don't see how."   

       "The Luftwafe prevents him from moving diagonaly, and your SAS is to far away to do anything."
notmarkflynn, Dec 22 2005

       Might even make a nice tournament to bring more biz to the local chess shop.
Ponies for Parties, Dec 30 2005


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