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Mulching Vacuum

Bagless cleaning.
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The vacuum has standard sucking and brushing configuration. Instead of a bag, the dirt is run through a series of tiny cutting blades. The tiny particles are then mixed with a clear sticky oil and released into the room as a fine heated mist. Evenly distributed the dirt won't be noticed. Once a year, wipe off walls and ceiling.
prune, Feb 11 2002

The Prune Syndrome http://www.halfbake...cy_20test_20tampons
read my thoughts on prune's postings [dj_photon, Feb 13 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Yuck! You want moldering toast crumbs plastered on your walls? You'd have to paint all your walls black to hide the dirt.
pottedstu, Feb 11 2002

       Never mind the toast, what about the *skin*!? Do you really want sticky, oily skin all over your house? And if you're simply going to redistribute the grime, what, in the name of the wee man, is the point in hoovering in the first place? Hmmm?
salachair, Feb 11 2002

       You can buy mulching garden vacuums anyhow, so is this really any different?
pottedstu, Feb 11 2002

       I understand cleaning my room as sucking all the dirt off the floor, walls and furniture, into the bag in the vacuum cleaner.   

       Your idea, however, serves to distribute dirt. You would do well to change the description to "bagless dirtying".
neelandan, Feb 12 2002

       The very worst thing about this idea is releasing the oily dirt as a heated mist. Even as you vacuumed, you would be sprayed with sheen of your own greasy filth. As Clibean said, boke.
calum, Feb 12 2002

       // I take it you haven't yet read his 'internet CD' idea, then?//   

       I gotta give Prune credit for coming up with a lot of original ideas (nb: his "Internet CD" idea actually was baked a few years ago, back when it was actually practical). Too bad so many of them are so incredibly (albeit original-ly) bad.
supercat, Feb 13 2002

       I have a gramophone in my house that uses a steel needle with a high tracking force. If all the stuff I hoovered from the carpet got in the groove of the record, it would act as a grinding powder which would wear out the needle within the first 78 revolutions. Then I would have a poor quality record lathe for all the next revolutions. Sticky oil is not good for acetates and one-offs and dubplates.
Amishman35, May 24 2002

       Jeez. Jeez. How dumb can you get?
-----, Nov 03 2004

       This would kill asthmatics like me
-----, Nov 04 2004

       How could this fine idea be so roundly boned?
bungston, Jan 05 2011

       People, people. You're being misled by the title. As an improvement on vacuum cleaners, this makes no sense -- but in reality, it's an improvement on feather dusters. Those devices merely redistribute dust, making it less conspicuous. The problem is, the dust settles unevenly -- mostly on horizontal surfaces, very little on the vertical ones -- so, pretty soon, the room looks dusty again. With this system, the dust would be evenly distributed to *all* the surfaces (even the ceiling). Result: far more dust could accumulate before a more thorough cleaning was required. Intervals between cleaning would be longer. Not to mention that some of the dust would be removed from the room on your clothes & skin, and washed down the drain when you bathed or laundered your garments. Pulmonary disease would be a small price to pay. Maybe the sticky oil could contain bronchodilators.
mouseposture, Jan 06 2011

       This is fantastic! I would buy three.
mitxela, Jan 07 2011

       dj_photon, everybody,   

       calm down. Who cares if his ideas are usually stupid? The point is they're supposed to be funny. They make me laugh. That's like half the point of this site - humor.
EdwinBakery, Jan 07 2011

       Agreed. Prune, come back!
bungston, Jan 07 2011


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