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No-dust cleaner

Fixed in place vacuum cleaner
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I don't know whether "halfbaked" includes "homebaked" [i.e. non-commercialised] in its meaning. If it does the following will be acceptable. If not it won't be.

It's a home-made but wholly successful non-allergy-causing vacuum cleaner system.

Fifteen years ago I bored a hole through the floor of the broom-closet and put a meter of extension blow-end hose tightly-fitted through it into the under-floor crawl-space.

The vacuum cleaner has remained in the closet ever since with enough suction hose to reach everywhere. Bag-passing dust from the normally emptied bag stays under the floor where few ever venture.

rayfo, Nov 30 2000


       Ever so toastily baked. Search for 'central vacuum'. Outlets in the walls, you plug a vacuum hose in and it automatically turns on the garage mounted machine. Even has a 'dust pan' for the kitchen, you kick a switch and sweep into the hole and it sucks it away, never to be seen again.   

       The crawl space exhaust is an interesting idea, just be careful with what you run down it...
StarChaser, Dec 02 2000

       central installed vaccums were a late 60's-early70's fad. my mother in law has one n her home and my husband wants one if we ever design a new one.
sinan314, Dec 03 2000

       Yes, it was because I couldn't afford a central system, that I devised this no-cost one.

       [a] I "had" the unit.
[b] I made up the long sucker from tubes found behind the local repair shop, and used the hose from the unit as the exhaust hose
[c] the hole in the floor oost me one jigsaw blade carelssly used
Total cost and care for 15 years zero
. As a bonus, a long hose made from short sections makes easy the locating of blockages.
As a commercial item it's not only half baked; it's unbakeable.
rayfo, Dec 03 2000

       Ah, so desu. I misunderstood, I thought you thought you'd invented the central vac...
StarChaser, Dec 03 2000

       One benefit to a central vacuum is that bag-passing dust and allergens are exhausted outside the house. Even if no-one occupies the broom closet in your house, there would be enough positive pressure to blow particles into other rooms. Making the broom closet air-tight would not be wise; this would defeat the vacuum's efficiency. One other thought: adding enough hose to reach every carpeted area of the house would increase air resistance and reduce the efficiency of the vacuum's motor-impeller.   

       These are only Devil's Advocate annotations, however. If you have been happy with your vacuum for 15 years, that's more than I can say for myself.
xrayTed, Dec 03 2000

       Two points : 1. There is no pressure on the broom-closet; a piece of hose takes the "clean" air from the dustbag THROUGH the hole in the floor. A telephone wireman I quizzed last year after being under the floor, said in pure Strine, "She's as clean as s whistle down there mate."
2, There is no discernible suction loss over 4M. I'm sure we have an expert among us who'll explain why.
rayfo, Dec 04 2000

       I'm not an expert, but I play one on HB.   

       The loss of pressure after 12 feet or so is VERTICAL feet. If you ran a hose up the side of the building and tried to suck water up it, it'd run out of power after a certain amount of time, no matter how powerful a pump you put on it, because the water is not pulled up the hose, but rather pushed by the outside air pressure into the lower air pressure inside.   

       But in a vacuum cleaner system, where you're not moving anything but air, it wouldn't make any real difference, as 14 pounds of air is a LOT of air, where 14 pounds of water is not much water. <Sea level air pressure being about 14psi.> Going along horizontally, it wouldn't make any difference at all to the pressure how long the hose was...
StarChaser, Dec 05 2000

       Lucidity exemplified!
rayfo, Dec 05 2000


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