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Multi use/purpose vacuum brush grout cleaner

Option on vacuum cleaner coverts it to hard floor, wood floor and grout cleaner
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To avoid buying a floor scrubbing robot as well as a vacuuming robot:

For example I will use a Neato brand robot vacuum cleaner.

I would like to see an added accessory/option on the robot that would allow me to switch the vacuum motor off, plug the vacuum intake hole, and replace the carpet brush with a brush better designed to clean hardwood, tile and grouted floors. The robot could be set to clean the floor one, two or three times.

The hard floor brush would then be removed, the interior of the vacuum in front the of the vacuum hole would be cleaned, the regular brush would be replaced with the vacuum brush if need be at the moment.

A pressurized bottle of grout and floor cleaner would ride atop the robot and consistently spray the necessary amount of cleaner out in front of the robot.

Sunstone, Mar 17 2020


       What's wrong with vacuuming hard floors? If you just use a dry pad, it'll push grit around and scratch the floor.   

       This is baked in that there are already robots that can do both vacuuming and wet/dry mopping, with a change of attachment.
notexactly, Mar 20 2020


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