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Nitinol Millipede Keyholder Pet

Voice activated millipede keyholder comes when you call for it.
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Never lose your keys no matter where you sat them down last.

The millipede key holder is roughly the dimensions of a hot dog bun. Keys hang from the underbelly of its body sections on push-in pull-out J-pins.

This millipede key holder is made with nitinol legs allowing it to ambulate with that unique millipede wave like locomotion. It features a new generation of sound-localization with triangulation micro processing for voice recognition tracking, eliminating need for all but the two mics located at its posterior and anterior segments.

In training mode it learns your voice commands. Once activated with steady calls of, "Come Bug", regardless of its location, it will ambulate, wave like, until it arriving at your heel. The command, "Heel" causes it to roll like live millipedes do, into a comfortable ball for carrying. It also uses this shape to bounce down from higher places if necessary.

_Mowgli_, Nov 23 2002


       No need to stuff it in a pocket...
_Mowgli_, Nov 23 2002

       She was only a programmer's daughter, but she knew how to cache her stack. She glanced over me coolly with eyes the colour of mylar balloons and blew a cloud of anthraquinone smoke in my direction.
" Is that a Nitinol Millipede keyholder pet in your pocket" she drawled. "Or are you just pleased to see me?"

       (+) for the description alone.
egbert, Nov 23 2002

       //blew a cloud of anthraquinone smoke in my direction.//   

       Among other things, anthraquinone is used to repel geese and other birds from golf courses and other areas where they are not wanted.   

       Sorry, I get distracted sometimes. [+] for the millipede.
zigness, Mar 02 2006

       Can you create a version that listens to your voice on the answering machine, climbs out of the letterbox, and brings your housekeys to work?
spinglespangle, Mar 03 2006


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