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motorised curtain system with sunlight tracing.
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With next to no knowledge of remote curtain systems, I am guessing that there is one motor giving open, closed and possibly a stop somewhere in between. A bit like a garage door.

What I'm proposing is a curtain motor system with two motors. The curtain hooks into an elastic cord between the two motors. This cord allows the hook spacing to be evenly distributed no matter what size the curtain width takes between the motors. Having one motor can stay stationary at one end of the rail system and then other motor will give your standard open/close system.

By having two motors you can now have a curtain of varying width anywhere along the rail system. If each motor has sensors that can place the sun, and with data on room size and orientation, a programmable prescription of daily curtaining can be ordered.

Now you can have the television perfectly shaded throughout the day.

wjt, Mar 10 2018


       the [+] sadly it feels like I played with myself.
wjt, Mar 14 2018

       I know the feeling, [wjt] but remember what they say, it’s sex with someone you love. Just keep those curtains closed [+]
DDRopDeadly, Mar 14 2018

       The sensors could note the people and shield appropriately. I would be open, uninhibited and yet hidden at the same time.
wjt, Mar 16 2018

       The idea fails to mention that just because of the lower-case "i" prefix, the device delivers sub-optimal functionality at a price point at least an order of magnitude higher than the nearest competitor, and after a couple of years starts to run slower and slower because of "planned obsolescence" hard-coded into the firmware ....
8th of 7, Mar 16 2018

       So it should be ioShade?
wjt, Mar 17 2018


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