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Multicoloured Sweetcorn

Do I make you corny, baby?
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Every single kernel (bit of corn on the cob) has been dyed with a different flavour-free colour by one of our specialist food artists, leaving you with a succulent, mouth-watering multicoloured treat which is a novelty for kids and adults alike.

Available in a variety of patterns. Request patterns can also be done too (for a small extra charge).

And add a slice of hot melting butter for some serious eye candy!

monkeyseemonkeydo, May 17 2003


       Zea mays japonica.
Shz, May 17 2003

oatcake, May 18 2003

       Put in text to the multicoloured corn grid? If you could get the ear to say GO NEBRASKA! you might do quite well.
Zimmy, May 18 2003


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