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"Krazy 'n kute" fruits 'n vegetables

How come only crappy, sugar laden, kid's food comes in "fun-derful shapes"?
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I'm sure this has been done somewhere, but I'm not finding it. Foods shaped to entice kids to eat it are invariably bad for them. "Shards o' Sugar! Now shaped like the constellation Orion! (some arrangement necessary)"

How about cramming fruits and vegetables into molds to make "Happ-tacular" dinnertime fun shapes? Shrunken head Brussels sprouts, F-16 asparagus spears, drag racer rhubarb, etc. Help your kids to stay trim and healthy so they won't have to look like you when they grow up which is, after all, their greatest fear.

doctorremulac3, Jul 22 2005

Vegiforms http://www.vegiforms.com/
durable uv-resistant plastic molds for growing vegetables into fantastic shapes [joeforker, Jul 23 2005]

(?) Vegitarianly "turk-tacular"? http://keystone.tileworx.ca/000_0009.JPG
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 24 2005]


       Star fruit. +
baconbrain, Jul 22 2005

       Kids don't need any encouragement to eat sweet things (which is almost certainly some Darwinian survival thing); all those marketing ploys are to get them to choose one sweet thing over another. But yeah, anything that encourages kids to eat less palatable things that are good for them.
DrCurry, Jul 22 2005

       \\"Happ-tacular" dinnertime fun shapes\\ Now that wasn't necessary now was it?   

       Off topic for a minute. How many doctorremulacs are there?
hidden truths, Jul 22 2005

       Very kute. Croissant-shaped cauliflower...[+].
Machiavelli, Jul 22 2005

       A delightful thought, [EDJ].
froglet, Jul 22 2005

       \\How many doctorremulacs are there?\\   

       Three. We're a small group but we've got a powerful political lobby.
doctorremulac3, Jul 22 2005

       Baked. You can certainly get clear plastic molds for vegetables. Encase the young squash in the mold, let it grow, and soon it's shaped like Ronald Reagan.
joeforker, Jul 23 2005

       The last time I did this idea, Dr Curry blasted my ass. Hmmm... a kinder, more gentle era?
blissmiss, Jul 23 2005

       blissmiss - Did you use terms like: "fun-derful" and "Happ-tacular"? It's all in the marketing.   

       joeforker - I'm talking about processing fruits and vegetables the way many grain and sugar products are processed and packaged. The closest example would be processed, ground up chicken that's formed into nuggets shaped like dinosaurs, which are common in kid's tv dinners. Instead of making them out of "mystery chicken puree' " make them out of vegetables.   

       And those tv dinners are my "exibit A". The chicken is shaped like a cool pterodactyl, the carrots are shaped like carrots. Bloody food discrimination that is. (My attempt at sounding British. I'll stop now.)
doctorremulac3, Jul 23 2005

       You can get vegetarian nuggets, like the chicken pterodactyls, but made out of sweetcorn. A bun (made from processed asparagus, and shaped like a tyrannosaurus rex).
dbmag9, Jul 23 2005

       I did a web search and found vegetarian nuggets, but they were just little squares. I know you can buy vegetable products, it's the compelling shapes I'm looking for. If anybody can steer me to kid pleasing shaped veggie products, I'll cheerfully acknowledge this idea is baked, delete it and go buy some to try out.   

       If I were a vegetable and I knew I only had a short time here on earth going from farm, to store, to plate to diaper, I know I'd want to spend that time shaped like the Apollo lunar module, center stage in that tv dinner. Not playing second fiddle to some floor sweepings from a chicken processing plant that got all the glory just because they got crammed into a cool mold.
doctorremulac3, Jul 23 2005


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