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Thats right...you come in to my house, you follow my rules!
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Nowadays, public places are fitted with toilets that regularly flush automatically...a good idea.

At home however, we have guests contantly visiting, sometimes not flushing, and even sometimes not washing their hands after using the toilet. 2 pretty disgusting mannerisms.


scenario 1 (no intelli-flush)

A guest is at your home...using your bathroom. They finish their 1 or 2 or whatever, then leave the bathroom (with or without flushing). and return to the dinnertable with cootie-ridden hands and a guilty concience of leaving a floater in the toilet.

scenario 2 (with intelli-flush)

A guest is at your home...using your bathroom. They finish their 1 or 2 or whatever, then realise there is no flush chain...then realise that this is one of the new 'inteli-flush bathrooms'. They then know that in order to flush the toilet, they have to use the tap to wash their hands to trigger the flush switch...if not, there will be a floater in the toilet and the hosts will know how unsanitary they are.

therefore...if someone uses the toilet, they have to wash their hands in order to flush the loo...if they dont wanna wash their hands they'll be revealled as a dirty B**T**D all round.

come on...no one likes a dirty B**T**D

shinobi, Nov 04 2004

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       ok...clearly wiser than me. but please do chillax bruv, judge the concept, not the creator!
shinobi, Nov 04 2004

       Please respect local customs, shinobi. Just as you would not like it if I burst into your bedroom and started shitting in your mouth*, failure to respect how things are done here will result in the inhabitants getting shirty. If you are unaware of local customs, take a look at the help file and krelnik's newbie guide (linked).   

       * metaphor
calum, Nov 04 2004

       Here I was getting all set to type chillax bruv into a search engine to see what foreign phrase it was.
Chillax'd use all seven letters and the x, slap that puppy on a tripple word score and your home free.

       Isn't it a similie when you use like or as, [calum]? Either way, I am now gouging out my mental eyeballs.
lintkeeper2, Nov 04 2004

       I think it is a metaphor because the 'like' refers to preference and the "just as" clause could be rewritten "In the same way that I'm sure you wouldn't like it if..." but I've had my grammatical errors pointed out to me more than once this week, so I'm open to corrections.   

       Either way, though, apologies for disgusting you. In my defence, it's as common a turn of phrase round my way as "chillax bruv" must be wherever the hell shinobi lives.
calum, Nov 05 2004

       Dinnae shit in ma mooth!
stupop, Nov 05 2004

calum, Nov 05 2004

       But back to the idea....   

       You have some lousy houseguests, shinobi. Suppose you have a dirty B**T**D guest who doesn't manually flush. If we've already established that he might also be the type to not wash his hands, why should he care that not-washing results in not-flushing? He's already not-flushing! Maybe if the system keeps him locked in the loo until he washes (and presents wet hands to a sensor for air-drying and germ scan) it would work. In fact, maybe I'll post that myself, as it seems a totally different idea.
gardnertoo, Nov 06 2004


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