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Instant Reflush Toilet

For when once isn't enough
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So you go to flush the toilet, but not quite everything makes it down the drain. You're left with little bits of… stuff floating around. Gross. You go to flush it again, but the water level hasn't quite built up enough to have any effect—and what's worse, the very act of attempting the second flush causes the refilling process to start over again! So you go and wash your hands, listening for the sound of the water to stop so you can flush again. But you're ready to leave the bathroom and it's still going, so you flush it anyway hoping it's good enough. Well… it's not. Defeated, you give up, and wait around for what seems like an eternity for the tank to completely refill, before giving it one final flush and leaving.


This problem could be easily solved by means of a double stacked tank. After the lower tank is emptied following a flush, the float valve triggers a flapper on the upper tank, which causes the contents to rapidly drain into the lower tank. Once the lower tank is filled, the flapper valve closes, and the upper tank begins the slow refilling process. You can thus flush twice in rapid succession, with the full force applied for each flush.

ytk, Mar 23 2013


       Stuff that's floating in the toilet bowl can be encouraged to go down by covering it with toilet paper before flushing. Give the paper time to become thoroughly soaked, first.
Vernon, Mar 23 2013

       But what if it's /toilet paper/ that's left floating in the bowl?
ytk, Mar 23 2013

       I recommend the Toto Eco Drake. I think it will meet your needs though the implementation is a bit simpler.   

       It is designed to flush with 1.28 gallons per flush (and I've never had a probelm with that working), but the tank holds more than twice that. It limits the flush to 1.28 gallons by holding the flapper open with a float attached to the chain. However, if the user simply holds the flush lever down, there are a couple more gallons of water that will run through.   

       Too bad they are so expensive. It hardly seems worth it since thy look so ordinary with no fancy gizmos or gadgets inside, but they are just subtly well designed.
scad mientist, Mar 23 2013

       There should be a second flush at same time as the first, which pushes stuff *up* a pipe as opposed to down a pipe. This would take care of the floaty stuff, while the lower pipe would take care of the sinky stuff.
phundug, Mar 24 2013

       Second the Toto (brand) recommendation. The whole line is outstanding.
jurist, Mar 24 2013

       Obviously a lead shot dispenser, for real emergencies would be the ideal, but I was thinking off making the water more massy, then you could flush even if the tank has only partly refilled.   

       I'd suggest "the Graham M. Keyser, process which uses lasers to selectively dissociate deuterated hydrofluorocarbons to form deuterium fluoride, which can then be separated by physical means." as that way you can get the heavy water, and do son et lumiere shows when the lasers are idle.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 26 2013

       My problem is that two, three and even four flushes is not enough to clear out my greasy, bilous wastes. This stacked tank needs to be modular, so one can have as many stacks of flushage as is routinely needed. Also preprogrammable by dial, so I can dial up all eight flushes or only 4, depending on what was coming loose that particular day.
bungston, Mar 26 2013

       [bungston]'s bung's ton
ytk, Mar 26 2013

       [bungston] Despite its deliciousness, at all costs eschew the escolar.
jurist, Mar 27 2013

       Perhaps a giant hopper mounted above the ceiling containing a stack of complete prefabricated bathrooms. On pressing the flush lever (mounted outside the door I think), the old bathroom is ejected through the wall by hydraulic rams into a pre-prepared cavernous pit, and a few tons of quick-setting concrete are dumped on top. The new one is lowered on steel cables into place. Self-fastening bolts fix the new bathroom to the foundations and attach the inlet and outlet pipes.
pocmloc, Mar 27 2013

       It would be expensive having to buy a new toothbrush every time you flushed the toilet. Albeit considerably more hygienic.
ytk, Mar 27 2013


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