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Multipurpose Vehicle

Minivan that converts to a pickup truck.
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44 years after Studebaker introduced a station wagon with a sliding roof, GM announces an oversize, overpriced, luxury SUV with "retractable" roof; GM also makes the Chevy Avalanche and Cadillac Escalade, which are supposed to be multipurpose vehicles (ugly as sin, not really all that "changeable.", did I mention overpriced?)

I need a minivan that converts into a pickup truck, by means of disappearing or removable roof panels, and removable or retractable windows, or WHATEVER. Sometimes I need a minivan, with seats, and a nice, watertight roof, and sometimes I need a pickup truck. I don't think it's unreasonable or impractical to have both functions in a single vehicle.

OK, go back to whatever you were doing.

{11/1/04: Semi-baked, in the Saab 9X and the Mercedes VSR concept vehicles. The Saab has the Half-Track windows and converts from ugly car to pickup with miniscule bed, the Mercedes has sedan, station wagon and pickup modes.}

whlanteigne, Oct 26 2004


       Wouldn't the sand, cement, logs, sheep etc make a mess of the carpet?   

       On the other hand, having nice comfy seats in pick-up mode would be fun. Bit like those WW2 German half-tracks.
Gordon Comstock, Oct 26 2004

       Having recently wrangled the rear seats back into my Windstar to accomodate visiting friends, I have to say this is quite a good idea. Combining fold-flat seats with a GMC-style sliding roof in a minivan? Brilliant.
justaguy, Jun 09 2005

       One of the features GM may implement in it's fuel cell concept car is the "one chassis, multiple bodies" approach. In theory, GM would make a "skateboard" that housed all of the vehicles functions, and the bodies would attach to the skateboard interchangably. Its primary purpose would be to standardize production techniques (currently GM makes up to a dozen different chassis) But they have speculated that you could unbolt your minivan body from the chassis, attach the pickup body, and go haul dirt...
dbsousa, Jun 09 2005

       Or just get a Land Rover. Admittedly it lacks refinement and luxury, but it carries both people and stuff very well indeed.
wagster, Jun 09 2005

       Yes, no need for convertibles, either. Just buy a coupe and a roadster.
justaguy, Jun 09 2005


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