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Mundane Olympics

Maybe I'm the worlds best!!
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Every four years open tryouts would be held at gyms, school's, and community centres in participating countries.

Nobody knows what the event is until they arrive at the tryouts.

The event's could range from wiring a stereo to cleaning an oven to catching a grape in your mouth at a distance.

The winners in local events would then move on to regional and national competitions, and then to the Mundane Olympics.

"What's that gold medal for?"

"Apparently I'm the fastest lightbulb changer on the face of the Earth."

Giblet, May 21 2005

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       //the fastest lightbulb changer//   

       How many Olympic tryouts does it take ... ?
pertinax, Aug 10 2006

       I'd like to see Web Searching as an event.
phundug, Aug 10 2006


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