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Muscle-shaped fat

Tissue paper breasts for men
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In it's simplest form, this idea essentially proposes skin-hugging plastic which forces fat into the shape of muscle.

While not claiming to offer any sort of health benefit, applied properly and from a suitable distance your average overweight lump of lard will appear a glistening, perfectly sculpted figure, complete with bulging six-pack and hefty triceps.

The strong, clear, lightweight, breathable, reusable material preferable for muscle-shaped fat may not yet exist, but its development is surely just around the corner.

Mr Phase, Mar 04 2008

or like this? http://www.costumes...ume-body-parts.html
[xandram, Mar 04 2008]

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       ...so, it's like a girdle then?
xandram, Mar 04 2008

       Exactly, but invisible, and suitable (theoretically) for all major body muscles.
Mr Phase, Mar 04 2008

       Oh, so this isn't surgery to move my stored beer reserves to my biceps?
normzone, Mar 05 2008


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