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Music Switch

Big switch that turns off all other sounds.
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This is just what it says in the summary. I want a switch that mutes the sounds that are not coming from a music player, so I can listen to music through my stereo and not be plagued by e-mail notifications, error messages, etc.
-----, Mar 17 2005


       It might be because I'm running the oldest version, but Winamp does this at my work. It supercedes all notifications, and I wish that I could disengage it. Funny.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 17 2005

       See also "Mute Program" right here in this category.
krelnik, Mar 17 2005

       Switch to linux. I use linux, and if you do the right stuff, it does exactly this.
galukalock, Mar 17 2005

       If you do the right stuff, you can use anything. "Right stuff" being an almost infinitely wide range of actions.
bristolz, Mar 17 2005

       Including, of course, the ability to "Oh oh oh oh oh. Whoa oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh oh." Hey, if it's good enough for the New Kids, it's good enough for-wait, nevermind.
AfroAssault, Mar 18 2005

       A second audio device can provide this functionality. I discovered this when my on board audio quit working. I added a USB audio device, set it as the secondary device and set music to play through the secondary device. I then listened in peace as all other sounds went to the primary device (which was silent because it didn’t work).
swamilad, Mar 18 2005

       You're not doing the right stuff, apparently.
waugsqueke, Mar 18 2005


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