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Musical Cover Switcheroony

"Hey! This songbook they left behind is all empty!"
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Device using Song Detector Technology that detects "marked" crap musical covers (songs re-interpreted by another artist) on the radio and replaces it with the original version or another song for your listening convenience.

I have no idea how this is gonna work. Wireless connection to a database of MP3s perhaps?

mrkillboy, Jun 26 2001

Song Detection with Volume Control http://www.halfbake..._20Volume_20Control
"Switcheroony is powered by Song Detector Technology". [mrkillboy, Jun 26 2001]


       Something like this could be done with digital radio. Or even satellite radio, though they're promising that, at any given time, at least one satellite radio channel won't be playing crud.
Uncle Nutsy, Jun 26 2001

       Rant. "There are crap musical covers on the radio, and I'd like magic technology to make them go away."   

       If you have the technology and information necessary to do this, why not simply play songs you like?
jutta, Jun 26 2001

       Buy good music and play it on your PC whilst camping in the Halfbakery. Why bother with tired old radio stations?

ps: I just heard Lady Marmalade for the first time (I know, just lucky I guess). I agree with everyone else. It's crap.
DrBob, Jun 26 2001


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