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Radio OOP filter

Cancel out that commercial!!
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Most radio commercials have vocals in the center channel (L+R) and music in the side channels (L or R). Just have a built-in OOP (out of phase) filter (vocal eliminator) that cancels out the center channel. Audiophiles have been playing rock albums for years using OOP filters (esp. Beatles), it's time to use an OOP filter for something REALLY useful, like turning a commercial into background music! Some of the vocals will likely remain, but it's perfect in a car, where the road noise will help make the vocals inaudible. For songs/commericals with vocals on either the L or R side, it will not work though.
EdisonEnvy, Oct 09 2007


       A Out Of Phase filter works by inverting either the Left or Right channel, and "adding" it to the other channel. This effectively "cancels" out any sound that is in BOTH channels. What remains is a mono signal without most of the center sounds. (I suppose you could add simulated stereo circuitry to change that mono sound back into "stereo".) Adjustable delay circuitry would help line up the channels so the cancellation will be the most accurate.
EdisonEnvy, Oct 09 2007

       Fun radio gadget, and not exactly hard to implement.
wagster, Oct 09 2007


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