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Police Radio Detector

Run its the cops!
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This would be a keychain with three LEDs on it. It would have a radio receiver that would detect police bands. You could point the device in any direction and it would light up the LEDs when you were pointing it towards then nearest police radio. All police officers carry police radios. Thus you could know in which direction the closest police officer is. Would be useful for good and evil.
thejini, Aug 06 2003

IEEE 802.11 detector keychain http://www.halfbake...detector_20keychain
take off of this [thejini, Oct 04 2004]


       he went thatta way <<<<<
po, Aug 06 2003

       <<--- these things are enormous. What I'm talking about is just a small keychain that would visually show you where the nearest policeman is. Would be especially helpful if you're a kid running from the police after a kegger. Or it could have a vibration alert so if you're having a party it would vibrate when there is a cop nearby so you can turn down the music. Or if you're in New York and you're on your cell phone in your car it would vibrate so you'd know to get off the phone so as to not get a ticket. Or if someone just stole your purse, you could call the police and run towards where the nearest one is.
thejini, Aug 06 2003

       So how are you proposing to make the 'enormous' baked dashboard thing a keychain reality?
gnomethang, Aug 06 2003

       There's no nanotechnology mumbojumbo involved, all you need is a keychin device similar to the 802.11 detector but with a different frequency detector.
thejini, Aug 06 2003

       There's a genius-bankrobber in Washington state, home sweet home, nicknamed the "Earpiece Bandit." He made it onto the FBIs most wanted, and they still don't know his real identity. So far, nobody has been hurt in any of his numerous heists; good for him. His "secret" is an earpiece radio that he keeps tuned to the police channel. Clever.
nilstycho, Jan 05 2004

       I believe most (if not all) police radios continuously emit a beacon signal on a specfic band. I think one or two car radar detectors use them to help filter out false positives. Unfortunately, I can't Google any good links at the moment. But the idea is certainly feasible...erm bakable?
pbreynolds, Jan 05 2004


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