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Musical Steering Wheel Cover

Turn traffic jams into much groovier jams
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If a steering wheel cover were made with buttons on it it could be made into a keyboard or drum machine. I (along with many others) tend to drum along to the radio on the steering wheel and try to hear different notes when I hit different parts of the wheel. Unfortunately I can't keep track of which note is where for long, confuse myself and have to start again. This would allow me to accompany my music masterfully (read: painfully badly) without having to add the notes myself. The deluxe model could be connected to the stereo for better sound quality and would have kickpads to be placed in the footwell for the bass drum and high hat or piano pedals.
stilgar, Apr 28 2007

Steering wheel-mounted drum machine Steering_20wheel-mounted_20drum_20machine
Prior art by [drzeus] [krelnik, Apr 28 2007]


       + I think this sounds like fun.
xandram, Apr 28 2007

       and a Jamaican version which is a steel drum, that would be cool.
marklar, Apr 28 2007

       Needs outside speakers so others can join the band.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 28 2007

       There is one thing. Will this thing stop when you are driving coss too many people will start trying to hit the steering wheel, kick pedals and drive at the same time.
Maltese lunatic, Apr 29 2007

       Don't forget the left foot pedal for the base drum.
nuclear hobo, Apr 29 2007


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