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mp3 player for cars that selects tracks according to your speed
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pretty simple really. An mp3/hard-drive based car stereo which connects to the speedometer. Two ways of doing it - either (a) as you drive faster, it selects harder/faster tracks from the playlist, (b) as you drive faster, it plays more energetic loops from the same track.
bumhat, Sep 05 2002


       so...1st gear Brahms..2nd gear Kraftwerk..3rd gear Marley..4th gear Pearl jam..5th gear ACDC..and if you had 8 you could hit White Noise "Shoooooommmm" and what happens in reverse?
skinflaps, Sep 06 2002

       For reverse you get country music.
RayfordSteele, Sep 06 2002

       For reverse you get country music. It functions sortof like that annoying backup beeper.
RayfordSteele, Sep 06 2002

       "bumhat"... what a great name. That should be an idea of its own.
waugsqueke, Sep 06 2002

       In reverse you might be able to pick out those hidden satanic messages they rant about when records are played backwards, you could have a "book of the dead car"
skinflaps, Sep 06 2002

       Stuck in traffic ... Louis Armstrong
hippo, Sep 06 2002

       If the engine is switched off but the back seats are still occupied... Barry White or Marvin Gaye.
Jinbish, Sep 06 2002

       //For reverse you get country music. It functions sortof like that annoying backup beeper.//
Only more annoying.
angel, Sep 06 2002

       Studies which I'm fairly sure I haven't just made up have shown that the speed of the music you're listening to has a 'significant' effect on the speed you drive at. It might be wise to have the device select slower music when some upper limit is reached, to avoid everything going like the absolute clappers.
-alx, Sep 06 2002

       just read a review for Burnout 2 point of impact on the PS2 and the game does exactly this 'Straight up rock that dynamically changes tempo with your speed and flows with the games fluctuating speedometer changes, interestingly burnout 2 has only just been released..bumhat..?
skinflaps, Oct 18 2002

       I'd say it's the pace rather than the speed that affects your will to drive fast (or aggressively)...   

       Once you start swerving and taking unacceptable risks it could reduce the "air guitar / big fish little fish cardboard box" factor, replacing it with "lighter / hands in the air"
rangelife, May 15 2003

       i think something similar to this is on another posting, but yeah i like any ideas of nifty things to do with MP3 players...combine this with programming it to play some specific track at the moment of fatal impact & you got something i personally would buy as a techno-slut consumer
kissing bandit, Sep 18 2003


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