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Personalised Auto Music

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For when you get into a shared car and have nothing to listen to on the radio, hate the current CD in the player and share absolutely no musical interest with other drivers.

Basically when each car key is inserted into the ignition, the cars entertainment system links to the keys' internal memory module and allows the driver to access a number of personal MP3's.

A key docking station is supplied with the car so that music can be uploaded. Using current technology it should be easy to install at least 256MB flash technology into keys allowing about 2 hours worth of music.
Have multiple keys for different moods.

Another approach would be to install a car MP3 database and just authenticate the current driver via the key. But by keeping the music on the key allows it to act as an external player; recharged when in the ignition of course.
silverstormer, Mar 03 2004


       Interesting. At first I thought it would be like two people listening to two songs simultaneously. Glad it's not.   

       But if you're gonna go through the trouble of programming what music goes with what moods, then you'll know what you want to hear when you get into the car, based on this knowledge. And if you have only 2 hours of music, you will not be able to cover all moods adequately. Anyway, croissant for you.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 03 2004

       Mp3 player that can play on your car stereo ?, very baked. You can connect any player to any AM/FM car stereo.
SystemAdmin, Mar 03 2004

       More to it than that.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 03 2004

       [SysAd] This is more than just an in car MP3 player.
silverstormer, Mar 04 2004

       Not much more. Just get a $25 transmitter (plugs into standard headphone jack) to beam your mp3s from your player to 88.1 on the FM dial. Pretty simple. Portable. More songs. Baked. Did I mention baked?
oxen crossing, Mar 04 2004

       This is more an idea to be implemented by the car manufacturer. Most cars these days have rather large keys which could probably encorporate a memory chip without too much trouble. AUDI' make available different keys that change the in car displays when used to start the car, switching between different units for tempreture, etc...
silverstormer, Mar 04 2004

       silver the multiple key thing is bad, one of the current methods of stealing cars is to break into the persons house to steal the car keys, i suspect this is as a result of the improvment in car security.   

       Therefor more keys are more to be stolen or lost.
engineer1, Mar 05 2004

       Satellite radio goes a long way towards solving this
theircompetitor, Mar 05 2004


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