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Musical hair cut

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Earlier today I was having my hair cut and the hair cutting person was using an electric shaver and a large plastic comb thing to cut my hair at the sides (the comb presumably helps control the length of hair being cut). And then I was struck by inspiration.

You see the comb made a noise as the cutting implement went past each prong. My idea is for the prongs to be made out of some kind of metal or possibly glass and for the comb to be made up of prongs of different lengths. The prongs are arranged so that as the hair is cut a small section of a tune is played. Throughout the haircut many of these could be used allowing an entire tune to be played.

Many of these playing together as several people have their haircut could be interesting, provided there was some musical talent involved.

RobertKidney, Jul 25 2003


       from now on it's probably an even worse idea than it was yesterday to go into a barber's and ask for a Robbie Williams.   

       P.S. like what they've done with it.
neilp, Jul 25 2003

       It might inspire musical prodigies who are terrible barbers. You could identify their aficianados by their awful haircuts.
snarfyguy, Jul 25 2003

       Spoken like a true child of the Eighties, Snarfyguy.
friendlyfire, Jul 26 2003

       Sounds cool but I'd like an illlustration.
phoenix, Jul 27 2003

       Good for entertainment but bad for hair. Unless you wanted the sounds to be somewhat random and just overall pleasing.
Doodler, Jul 27 2003

       I like this. Instead of having to explain the haircut you want, you only have to pick a song according to the look you want, from the salon's list: "a hard day's night", "like a virgin", "let it be", etc.
Pericles, Jul 27 2003

       //Spoken like a true child of the Eighties, Snarfyguy.//   

       More like the seventies, but yeah, okay.
snarfyguy, Jul 27 2003


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