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lookin' good?

an additional service
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I need to have a couple of pics for a work-related ID thingy and am sorely tempted to photo-shop a recently taken snap. It just dawned on me though, that my lovely hairdresser's provides us with massage therapy, facials, herbal skin treatments, manicures and pedicures - everything in fact. why on earth don't they employ a photographer to take a few pictures of us while we are looking relaxed and beautiful?
po, Apr 05 2006

Visual Concepts http://www.visualconceptsky.com/
hair salon and photoshoot [skinflaps, Apr 05 2006]

nice job on hair and face http://www.haircafe...Photo%20Gallery.htm
[xandram, Apr 06 2006]


       //why on earth don't they employ a photographer...?//It would probably be against the advice of their legal counsel. Evidence, y'know.   

       Besides, your passport photos would look very strange with cucumber slices in place of your lovely eyes.
jurist, Apr 05 2006


       I use the word *beautiful* loosely, as you know.   

       funny, jurist - I wondered why the journey home was so strange, its those forgotten cucumber slices!   

       you sending me to Kentucky for a makeover, flaps?
po, Apr 05 2006

       I think this would be great as you could then use the photos to remind the hairdresser exactly how you had your hair cut and it would be easier to explain what you wanted done the next time.
miasere, Apr 05 2006

       //you sending me to Kentucky for a makeover, flaps?//   

       Nah, I'll just pop round with my camera, hood and that flash thing.I might write a song about that.   

       "Hey, you sending me to Ketucky?"   

       "Hey, you gonna do my hair?"   

       "Hey, you sending me to Ketucky?"   

       "Hey, you gonna do my hair?"   

       "You gonna pay the fare?"   

       "Hey, you sending me to Ketucky?"   

       "Tra, la, la ,la! etc, etc...
skinflaps, Apr 05 2006

       // to Ketucky //   

       But you'll sing it *Kentucky* right?
jonthegeologist, Apr 05 2006

       Yikes! Ketucky, Oio!, Viginia!...only in my world.Now wheres my drinking clock?
skinflaps, Apr 05 2006

       Great idea, especially with the card to hand over to the hairdressers the next time - perhaps it could include the specifications of your haircut printed on the back in some universally accepted international haircut format.
zen_tom, Apr 05 2006

       hmmmm a world time gentlemen please drinking clock, I like it.
po, Apr 05 2006

       oddly enough, I was at my hairdresser's last night. ugh.. have you ever seen the highlighting cap? so here I am in a tight, plastic cap, tied under my chin, with stands of blonde hair pulled through it..DON'T take my picuture like that!
xandram, Apr 05 2006

       They take pictures in tattoo parlors, I don't see why they can't take 'em in hair places. I know my wife would have far less anxiety if she had a good picture to take with her the next time around.   

       "I told her and told her and that fudge nugget still took off 1 1/8" instead of 1 1/16"! Now my hair's too short!" This from a woman with 3 feet of hair and me with nothing more than a shiny chrome dome. Go figure.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 05 2006

       Why not, just get your hair dressed up in a photo booth?
skinflaps, Apr 05 2006

       I went to Glamour Shots for pix for my husband for Christmas one year. 2 weeks and $125 later I had photos that didn't look anything like me. They didn't know my hair or personality well enough to doll me up in a suitable style. The approach you suggest [po] would be so much better. Less fuss.   

       and what [miasere] said.
dentworth, Apr 05 2006

       The sad truth here is that when you're at the passport control at the airport after a hectic long haul, you dont look anything like you look in the photo taken after hours of beauty therapy...its counter productive. You'll be ugly as sin by comparison. Better take a shitty photo, and look better in the flesh.
shinobi, Apr 07 2006

       you might have a point there.
po, Apr 10 2006


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