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Picture it!

see my picture before cutting my hair!
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I never remember what number razor the barber used when he cut my hair last. I wish there was a system where he would take a picture (with a digital camera) of my head before the haircut (this happens when i enter for the first time) and then one of my haircut (if i like the results) and then stores it on a computer. The next time i walk in he just asks for my name and looks up my picture. Now i dont have to explain what i want!
nomadic_wonderer, Nov 13 2003

Virtual Haircut http://www.geocitie...kuzmin/haircut.html
Free download. Uses your own face. [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004]

Results 1 - 100 of about 40,300. Search took 0.27 seconds. http://www.google.c...&btnG=Google+Search
[n_m] Please try using Google before posting. [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004]


       I would like your ideas more if you quit including the phrase "I wish" in them. +
Condiment, Nov 13 2003

       I suppose you could carry a picture of yourself at all times.
half, Nov 13 2003

       [dintlu] i wish i had taken your point earlier!
nomadic_wonderer, Nov 13 2003

       Well, not quite as high tech, but one place I went to wrote my name down on a 3x5 card and took notes about how I liked my hair cut. Unforunately I never went back, so I don't know if they would have got it right.
scad mientist, Nov 13 2003

       Why do you think most hairdressers cover their walls with models' photographs - so you can point to the one you want and say "I want to look like that."
DrCurry, Nov 13 2003

       [DrCurry] but i dont want to look like anyone else i want to look like myself!
nomadic_wonderer, Nov 13 2003

       I carry a picture of DrCurry. it gets me in all sorts of trouble.
po, Nov 13 2003

       Baked <link>
Klaatu, Nov 13 2003

       Baked. There are plenty of hairdressers who store pictures of their customers for reference (and they can 'preview' a new hairstyle using this system).
Mistress Bling, Nov 13 2003

       nomadic, one problem that I'm seeing you need to solve soon is not checking to see if your stuff exists. You need to do some searching to see what's out there before you post it here. Google is your friend.
waugsqueke, Nov 13 2003

       I know what he's asking for jutta, and it exists. On computer as well as in traditional photograph format. I used to visit a stylist that did it to encourage return visits. (He used a Polaroid and an index card file.)   

       ("In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs of every head he's had the pleasure to know...")
waugsqueke, Nov 13 2003

       Picture it !...
skinflaps, Nov 13 2003

       My question would be "can you even search for that?" Barbershops are not the most web-enabled of services, after all, and we risk running into egnostic territory.
DrCurry, Nov 13 2003

       [austare's] lawnmower could be converted.. if anyone can find it.
skinflaps, Nov 13 2003

       I always remember what size razor I use, so I can't see this as a good idea... number 2.
sheep, Nov 13 2003


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