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Musical pens

Music while you write.
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Imagine a tin pipe, (the musical sort not the smoking sort) imagine the mouthpiece as a pen lid, and imagine the pipe itself as the pen casing. Now you should be able to visualise my idea. Many people know that when you blow through an ordinary pen lid you get that high-pitched whistle, now you can make real music.

The ink supply can be stored on the wall of the pipe in its normal bog standard tubing.

talen, Jan 16 2003

Chelsea Whistle Pen http://www.thecomph...com/products/39.htm
Also pictured: The Chelsea Whistle Pen-On-A-Rope. [Monkfish, Oct 04 2004]


       Wouldn't you have to write awfully fast to get enough wind through the thing to make a sound?
snarfyguy, Jan 16 2003

       agreed, [snarfy] - you'd have writer's cramp after penning a quick note.
lurch, Jan 16 2003

       [monkfish] has proved my idea is baked, bugger.
talen, Jan 17 2003


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