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Music and food to put your pet in the mood
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In an attempt to redress three (3) issues in acute symbiosis:

1) Public spaces are not festive enough
2) Homeless animals, albeit sexually satisfied, have other needs
3) Musicians are losing money to the internets

The idea involves vending machine jukeboxes which play songs on a royalty basis and drop cat or dog food on a pay-for-play basis.

Historical precedent:
1) automatic exchange of petfood for Pet recyclable plastics
2) buskers who deliberately draw crowds to homeless people seeking donations.

4and20, Jan 01 2017


       // cat //   


       #include <EOSSACR.H>   

       // dog //   


       Bun witheld pending removal of any reference to felix domesticus.
8th of 7, Jan 01 2017

       //felix domesticus// Cptlzn & Sp.: Felix catus (no, seriously, it's "catus"; but dogs aren't "Canis dogus".
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 01 2017

       // Cptlzn & Sp. //   

       Prn. "Deliberate insult" ...   

       From the Latin, "Felix", "Evil, smelly, fur shedding, destructive flea hotel", and "domesticus", "infesting a house".
8th of 7, Jan 01 2017

       //From the Latin, "Felix", "Evil, smelly, fur shedding, destructive flea hotel", and "domesticus", "infesting a house".// --appears to be an accurate description of many dogs.
Vernon, Jan 01 2017

       For those unfortunate dogs who do not receive the care and attention due to them from humans, yes.   

       The fault lies with the human, not the dog.   

       However, no matter what is done to a cat - washing (in both aqueous and organic solvents), vigorous brushing (using one of those street-cleaning trucks), vacuuming (down to 10mBar or less) or centrifuging, no measurable improvement can be achieved.   

       The only thing that seems to do any good is an old-fashioned steamroller.
8th of 7, Jan 01 2017


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